The meaning of conduction of electricity which is good and bad

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Conduction of electricity

Electricity is an energy that can be derived from other energy like heat, motion, and more. Electrical energy can be used to turn on the electronic device, heat water, cooking and much more. Electricity contains two elements that are negative and positive therefore normally consists of two wires at crockery if there is a meeting between the cables can cause a short-circuit. It is the one that can trigger the onset of fire. Back again in the discussion here is the meaning of conduction of electricity which is good and bad.

A good electrical conductor Conductor electricity is objected that can siphon off electricity through the media to other media with less voltage is reduced due to the results of the groom. An example of a good electrical Conductor is metal such as iron, aluminum, zinc, copper, and others. Water can also conduct electricity but not too good but it can kill people, like that ever happened on the news when there are people shock because standing near an electrical pole while heavy rain.

A bad electrical conductor
Conducting a bad electricity are objects that can siphon off electricity through the media to other media with a voltage which is greatly reduced or even no delivered because the media can't conduct electricity. An example of a bad electrical Conductor is a rubber, plastic, fabric, pencils and more. Usually, a bad electrical conductor such as rubber is very good in use when wanted to do a repair installation of electricity thus in making the usual rubber gloves in use when repairing electric poles that the welder when touched electricity did not immediately grabbed onto him because hampered by rubber. In the absence of bad electrical Conductor objects, it will be hard when we do testing or repairs on electrical installation because electricity can propagate and flows into our body.

The creation of electricity
How to create electricity, the creation of electricity is due to a meeting between positive and negative energy electricity that meets. Basically, each object has a positive and negative electrical energy but in very small amounts and levels, but when already met in great numbers will generate tremendous electrical energy examples include Lightning (created because the existence of friction between clouds which causes the electric charge is the amount). There are many other ways to create electricity by using heat energy such as solar panels, using steam energy as in the steam power plant, using the energy of motion as in generators and much more.

Electric storage media
Electricity can also be stored for use when needed, a material that can store electricity is lithium (solid) that is usually found on mobile batteries, laptop batteries, battery and other remote resources. But there is also stored in the form of a liquid, this fluid is acidic which is part of the car battery or battery. Even humans can also save electricity but not in large numbers and also not with the amount due is usually already in neutralizing by friction during walking.

All objects have an electrical energy whether it's negative or positive, not all objects can conduct electricity there are also objects that do not conduct electricity and can be used to fix the electrical installation when the protector.

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