How to save the old gadget that was not in use in order not to shred

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Hai friends on this occasion I will tell you about's "how to save the old gadget that was not in use in order not damaged". Well if you already have a new gadget but old gadgets mu does not want you to sell because it is very much the story of thy about then you can save it so that you can use at a later time. So here is how you can try to save the gadget in a long time.

How to save the old gadget that was not in use to keep it nice:

1. Fill in the full battery Power
The first is the charge of an old gadget you wish to save it to the full. Why must be filled to the full, you should do this because for a long time a gadget battery, not power can damage the components of the filled-in battery that the battery cause it couldn't save power and eventually broken. Well if old gadget your battery is broken at the moment you'd like to use a return right sad Yes, therefore the content of full battery power before saving the old gadgets mu for a long time so that the battery is not damaged.

2. Use cartons or cardboard when first purchased
Make it a habit if buying cartons or cardboard when first purchased shall not du waste because you can use it to save the gadget if later you want to save in a long time or you don't wear anymore. This can be cardboard cartons or protect from myriad factors that damage the gadget as it protects from dust, protect from collisions, protect your gadgets from dew or moisture and many more. Certainly, don't waste this cardboard carton or when you buy gadgets Yes.

3. Don't put it on the floor
Putting stuff on the floor can cause damage to gadgets ranging from Stampede, dew or moisture that may damage the gadget and many more causes damage to other gadgets. Therefore do not store gadget that is not you use the floor directly.

4. Don't put it in a place that is open
Almost the same as Don't put it on the floor, because water vapor could have been damaging components on a gadget that you save. Besides, it could be just a gadget that you save it to fall or bump and the fatal damage.

5. Don't pile up or putting weight on it
Goods piled up on top of the gadget can cause damage to these gadgets in cause excessive pressure from goods that are on top of the gadget itself. Thus you can get rid of the items above are gadgets that you save.

6. Save where it's easy to remember
No need to store the goods if you later forget the place where when you need it, then these things ye shall keep thy gadget in place most often you see or at least easy to get it. Store it in a closet, above a closet or other place that is not easily accessible by small children and also protected from disturbance existing pet at home.

Well, that's the 6 tips save old gadget that was not in use in order not to be damaged.

Well, that is the content of this article, that's "how to save the old gadget that was not in use in order not damaged". Yup, so this article may help you guys  "to keep the gadget that is unused in order to keep good " also do not forget to share and comment on Yes.

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