How to create writing that Contains an active Link in a Facebook Status

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How to create writing that Contains an active Link in a Facebook Status
How to create writing that Contains an active Link in your Facebook Status is normally, an inscription containing an active link or URL that is shared on Facebook must be written using the original format. For example, blog promotion, you have to write a full blog address if you want to link it's clickable (clickable).
Example: visit my blog or

You can not manipulate the writings of the links that appear as in HTML format by using anchor text.
HTML format example: visit my blog.

Understand the difference right?
Facebook status requires that you write a blog address according to the original and cannot be custom. While in HTML format you non-showing any writings become the bridge to go to the original link.

Facebook does not support writing HTML format for status updates, comments, and so on. But you can make posts that contain an active link in a Facebook status using the tricks that site share. Then what's in it? Yes looks more unique and opportunities for any larger clickable.

The Steps
1. compulsory Tricks executed on Facebook mobile. If you are online on your PC or laptop, simply go to the address
2. write the code below for a status update. This is an example of writing for such status. You live to replace after desire.

Try to make @@ [0: [361264977648468:1: ACTIVE LINK]] in my Facebook status. It turns out that @ @ [0: [361264977648468:1: successful]]. This trick can also be called @@ [0: [361264977648468:1: mention someone with different name]].

Don't forget LIKE & love RATE on fans page @ [361264977648468:] let more spirit writing tutor.

1. Replace the inscription is red with the ID of the profile/fans page group who want to/be used as an active link in your Facebook status.
2. Replace blue with writings that would like to appear.

The terms and conditions
1. @@ [0: [361264977648468:1: Writing]] is used if you want to use an artificial piece of writing.
2.361264977648468 is used if you want to bring up the original writings that correspond to the profile name/fans page/Facebook group.
3. You can't remove a link that contains the original writings. If done then the status update will fail. That's why in the example above, the condition number 2 MANDATORY written. Well, indeed, the edges of the original writings of those links will look.
4. Remember, this is just replacing the writings of profile/fans page/Facebook group. You can not insert a link from another web.

A bit tricky, right?
Please try to make writing that contains an active link in a Facebook status using the above way. Fair to invite clicks because commonly used this way by a large number of like Fanspage already very much. If there's any trouble please write in the comments field. Likewise if successful, write as well:)

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