How To Eliminate Hair Mite

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How To Eliminate Hair Mite -- Hair lice are one of the most common hair disorders that do not make you feel comfortable. The existence of this one animal will not make you feel comfortable and will make your scalp feel very itchy. The existence of this one animal can reduce your confidence so you will not feel comfortable when doing daily activities.
These hair lice are very fast breeding so that when you have a hair louse it will make you less comfortable when doing daily activities. The itchiness caused by the growth of hair louse is very disturbing this will make you easily taunted by friends around you.

The existence of these hair lice should be eradicated until the eggs until you will feel comfortable and return confidence. For those of you who have this problem then you should try a natural way of removing hair fleas with onions which is one of the most effective ways to make hair lice go away from your hair. The aroma of red onion was able to make ticks away from your hair. However, after you use this therapy you should be able to rinse your hair to the maximum so that there are no red onion are remaining.

Here are some natural ways to get rid of the most effective and correct aphids with red onion.

How To Eliminate Hair Mites With Red Onions

1. Onion Red
Onions are the most widely used spices for cooking this spice can be used to make hair lice are reluctant to stop by your hair again and make you free of hair lice. The aroma of red onion will greatly make the eyes become very sore. However, the aroma of onion is very effective for making hair ticks away from your hair.

Even the heat of the onion will be able to make the lice eggs can die because the onion is very hard on your scalp and very unfriendly with your hair lice. The way is easy enough. You simply puree onion and then apply on your scalp evenly to the entire scalp. Then you can let the onion work against the head lice until the eggs are very much and very disturbing it. But you should be a little resistant to the pain in the eyes of this red onion. Because the aroma alone can make your eyes become very painful. So you have to be careful while doing this way to clean the hair lice on your hair.

2. Red Onion and Coconut Oil
Both of these ingredients are the most effective ingredients to repel hair fleas. You can smooth the onion and also you can mix with coconut oil. You can use this herb on your scalp. This coconut oil can double function, in addition to killing hair lice, coconut oil can make hair become healthier and stronger. Once you get this herb, you can immediately apply it to your hair. Then you can leave it for a few minutes. You have to be patient because of the onion's onion. But this is very effective to eradicate the hair lice.

That's some natural way of removing hair fleas with red onions. This is one of the most effective and helpful ways to take care of your scalp to keep it healthy. So you must try this way to get rid of hair ticks that live in your hair.

That's 2 Ways To Eliminate Hair Mite
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