This 8 Tips for choosing a good USB modem

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This 8 Tips for choosing a good USB modem - Tips for choosing a good USB modem - Network equipment - Modem is a tool whose function is receiving signals to surf.Therefore, choosing the right modem is also an effective way to get the best connection while browsing using your internet.

Many of us who have activities with high mobility prefer to connect to the internet using a USB modem device. With its tiny dimensions, a USB modem becomes a very harmonious companion for your laptop during everyday activities. Here are 8 Tips for choosing a good USB modem :

1. Speed of Access
Note the maximum speed offered modem to be purchased, select HSDPA for GSM and EVDO for CDMA. The higher the better.

2. Select the famous Brand Modem
Maybe this is a very relative thing because each person has its own choice. However, in the market today there have been a number of vendors who are known as a producer of quality USB modem products. Our advice, rather than having to 'gamble' by choosing a product with a brand not yet famous, better choose the already known. In addition, generally, a big brand has a much better customer service.

3. Plug and play
This feature is very important on the modem, with this feature so as not to bother because we do not need a cd-rom again to install the driver. But the modem when inserted into the USB port will do the driver installation process and software modem.

4. Adjust the Operating System
In each USB modem product must be given information about the compatibility of the operating system. Luckily for those of you who use Windows XP operating system or Windows 7 because almost all the USB modem products on the market are compatible with the OS made by Microsoft. But for your users outside the operating system Windows such as Mac OS X, Linux and Unix should be more attention again in choosing a modem.

5. Adjust the Operator
USB modem is divided into two types namely GSM and CDMA. If you previously selected the operator from GSM then surely you have to buy a GSM modem. If you choose a CDMA operator, make sure you also buy a CDMA modem specifically. Currently, both have been widely available in the market.

6. Easy Installation Process
Currently, the average USB modem is presented with an easy installation process, without drivers that need to be installed via a separate disc first.

7. Design USB Modem
This is affected by how the USB port on your laptop is laid. Usually one USB port on the left, and two on the right. Latest laptop output, usually also have 3 USB port. There is even an only just give 2 or just kind of the MacBook Air it. Well, so we can use all USB ports that are on the laptop, then we have to make sure our USB modem is quite thin, not too wide and so obstacles obstruct other USB portholes.

8. Select Operator with Strong Signal in Your Area
This sometimes escapes us. It is important for us to know which provider of internet service provider has a strong signal in our area. Operator A could have a strong signal in one area but weak in another. Surely you will lose if you choose a telecommunications operator with a weak signal because your internet connection is not stable.

Well, that's tips on choosing a good USB modem that you can use when going to buy a USB modem. Hopefully, the above information is helpful and useful to you.Thanks for reading This 8 Tips for choosing a good USB modem.

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