Should Revoke Laptop Battery When Used While Charging?

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Should Revoke Laptop Battery When Used While Charging? - Do Not Revoke Laptop Battery When Used !! - Some of us may think that pulling out the laptop battery when in use will make the battery more durable, because if using a laptop while in charge in the condition of the battery installed will make the battery quickly damaged because the laptop battery will continue to receive electrical power even when the power has fully charged (100%) and will automatically make the battery life shorter.

When used, should the laptop battery be removed or not?

As we know, some of the latest laptops today cannot be removed because the battery used is a non-removable battery, aka battery planting (not removable) so we will not be able to remove the battery when used. Actually, this is a good thing, because if we use the laptop in AC mode (charging) while removing the battery it will adversely affect the laptop hardware that we use.

The reason why you should not remove the laptop battery when in use.

It is not recommended to remove the laptop battery when used, why? because it will adversely affect the laptop hardware. Here are the negative impacts that will occur if you use the laptop in AC mode while unplugging the battery:

  • Running the laptop on the battery is released while in charge (AC) will result in the components on the laptop receive electrical energy directly, this can shorten the age of the component because it will be more quickly damaged.
  • Laptops that are powered on by a stabilizer / UPS can also speed up damage to existing components on the laptop because the electric current that flows will go directly to the hardware devices without any voltage adjusters and regulator circuits.
  • One of the most dangerous things is when the electricity suddenly died or the plug on the AC cord suddenly detached from the socket, this will again affect the vital components of the laptop such as hard disk, motherboard and RAM because the power flowing on the component suddenly dead, especially if you're doing heavy multitasking work and result in laptop components working 2 to 3 times harder than normal use. Not to mention if you have not had time to save the work that you do when the laptop suddenly died.

You can only remove the laptop battery, but only when the laptop will not be used within 3 days or more, you can also remove the laptop battery if you will use it for long periods, for example, you will run the laptop within 12 hours non-stop, then please unplug the laptop battery you use.

But you should not use the laptop for long periods of time without stopping because it will also cause the laptop to be quickly damaged, it would be nice if you use the laptop no more than 8 hours non-stop, and let the laptop to cool completely before turning it on back.

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