Ways to grow grapes in quick and dense fruits

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How to take care of a Tree Grapes or Ways to grow grapes in quick and dense fruits, That's the ways:

Preparation of Wine stem cuttings. 
- Length of cuttings about 20 cm Which consists of 2-3 segments and taken from the parent tree that has been aged over one year.
- The shape is round about 1 cm in size
- The skin is light brown and bright with the bottom of the skin is green, watery, and free of black spots
- Healthy buds are large and solid, while the unhealthy buds are small and the tip looks white like kapok.

Sowing Seeds Stek Grape.
- provide polybags according to the number of seedlings of cuttings
- Provide planting media from the mixture of Soil + Trichokompos + Sand with a ratio of 2: 1: 1
- Put the planting media into poly bags.
- Plug the grape cuttings into poly bags.
- Flush with solution (Trichoderma + Water + Organic Hormone)
- put in place shade to grow buds and roots, do not forget to water every afternoon with water.
- If already grow 2 full leaves, seedlings of cuttings ready to be moved to the planting hole.

1. First, insert the entire planting medium soil mix - sand - Trichokompos fertilizer (1: 1: 1) into the pot until fully charged, followed by implanting seeds ready for planting cuttings wines which have been prepared on the middle- middle of the pot. And flush until the whole media in the pot is wet or moist.

2. Then, make the para of the iron wire by making it like a box net encircling the side of the pot. You can devote all the creativity to make the para-para here. Customize to your taste only.

3. Then Trichoderma around the pot, so there is no fungus that interferes with the growth of cuttings.

4. After the age of plants in the pot reaches approximately 1 month, then give urea or NPK fertilizer as much as 1 tablespoon mixed with water about 1 liter. Then splashed around the plant. This fertilization process is scheduled every 15 days.

5. When the primary stem and secondary branches have exceeded the height of para-para, then do the pruning by using cutting scissors of the plant. Do it regularly when the plants are in the mentioned condition.

As for the stage of conception of the grapes, as I summarized in the review below: 

When can be fruited for the first time? 
Age 9 months, vines in pots can be fruitful for the first time. However, the results of this fertilization can affect less good for the plant, because the age is too young and the condition has not been so strong. The most appropriate time is after the plant is more than one year old so that the growth of roots, branches, twigs, and leaves to grow more perfect, so the plants grow stronger and sufficient conditions to bear fruit.Seandainya not until a year the plants have issued flowers and fruits, flowers and the fruit is picked just before it has grown big. Thus the nutrients in the plant body can be fully utilized for subsequent vegetative growth.

How To Conception.
Vine plants in pots can be bred twice a year. Could also be planted three times a year, but the result of plant growth can be unhealthy later.

Vine plants that are mature enough to bear good fruit if the branches are trimmed and leave space. All the secondary branches are trimmed and all the leaves are stripped off using scissors, so that only ultimate stems, primary branches, and secondary branches are short-shaped like spurs. The grape looked bare-leaved. From the trimmed secondary branch that will grow new shoots, which will eventually grow into tertiary branches.

Two weeks after pruning and plumbing, new and leafy branches will grow. The blur generally grows by the third, fifth and fifth stalks. Maintain one of the largest and healthier growth vines. From this branch that will grow the flower buds, which will eventually grow into fruit.

Pruning to regulate growth.
Good leaf growth is a sign that the roots are also well developed. Vine plants in the pot were allowed to grow until the age of 6 months. Handling that we do is to regulate the growth of plants on the basis of the formation of plants later, especially the formation of stems, primary and secondary branches. The formation is done by directing and propagating the branch of the plant on the propagation that has been provided.
If it turns out until the age of 6 months of good growth (fast big and lush), the first pruning to build the shape of the plant may soon be done. However, if the plant growth is not good enough, the pruning treatment of the form should be postponed. Strived for the growth of the crop to be good first. If desperately trimmed, plants can be shocked and stalled growth. Well grown plants are characterized by the number of branches on the stem. The stems and branches look solid, the leaves are lush green.

The first pruning is commonly called form trimming. Pruning is useful to regulate the growth of plants so that the shape of the tree in accordance with our tastes. In order to obtain a fertile vegetative growth, the pruned branches or branches are above the sharply pointed buds. The second and subsequent pruning is called pruning treatment. Pruning treatments aimed at the plants can quickly flowering and fruiting. Branches or twigs that are pruned are branches above the shoot buds that are round or blunt. Pruning of this treatment also serves to maintain the desired shape of the plant until often also called the form trimming. With the trimming of the air circulation around the body of the plant smoothly, the sunlight received enough plants,

Maintenance of fruits 
Vine plants that have been blooming or fruiting small do not get exposed to rain spray, especially if it rains heavily. The rainwater can make the flowers damaged or the fruit fall out. Secure first the vine in the pot in the shade, if the rain that will fall is predicted heavy and heavy. After the rain has passed, the plants in pots can be lifted back and put in place.

In order for the fruit granules in the tree trunk are large and uniform in size, when the fruit is still small. Leave in one 40 - 50% of the total grain of origin. Thinning is done when the fruit grains of soybean seed, which is around the age of 1.5 months from the plant and trim. Thinning of the second fruit is done after the grain of corn seeds, which is a month later after the first thinning. Third spacing is only as a control only, so if it is necessary to remove the fruit grains that grow abnormally, small, not perfect shape and rotten.
Fruits that are getting old must be kept from pest disorders such as bats, chickens, rats and also bad boys who want to get the grapes to eat. Secure it can be wrapped in cement paper, newspaper or red plastic. The packaging is done after 10% of the fruit grains in a tree trunk look ripe. The bundle corner has a hole for air exchange. The grapes are considered to be ripe and ready for picking when the age is 105 - 110 days after the plant is decomposed, or 90 days after the flower blooms. Mature fruit is characterized by a layer of wax or white fertilizer on the skin of the fruit, and aromas arise typically of grapes. The color of the ripe grape skin is blackish, red-black, transparent yellow or greenish yellow, depending on the grape varieties grown. The grapes are picked up in time, the taste is sweet because it is cooked well. In one pot Vistas, labrusca varieties of Delaware can be picked about 15 tree trunk (2.5 kg) of fruit on the first picking, if the plant is actually fertilized after the age of more than one year.

Preventing Plant Pests and Diseases.
Potted grapes also need protection from pest and disease threats, so that their growth is normal and healthy. Pests that often threaten the plant are grasshoppers, caterpillars, and beetles. All the insects destroy the plants by grinding and eating the leaves. While the disease is a disease of white fungus or downy mildew and yellow fungus phagophore Vitis if the air is too damp.

Pest and disease attacks can be prevented if our attention to plant health is good enough. Mushroom attacks can be overcome by spraying Trichoderma (2 tablespoons per liter of water), and for pest attacks use a plant-based pesticide herb.

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