The 9 benefits of bananas that will make you more in love

Read too: - The Benefits of this Banana Fruit - Hey ... who likes to eat bananas? This one fruit is easy to find in our everyday life, huh? No need to go to the supermarket or any market, we can still find it in the carts of vegetable subscribers who pass in front of the house. The yellow that has a delicious fragrance nan this is indeed no doubt it was.
Lots of food dishes made using bananas. Starting from fried banana, banana split, until bananas are burned. Processed in any way, it seems that the fruits that live in this tropical environment never disappoint our tongue. Well, did you know if bananas are not only delicious but also have a million benefits for our bodies? Anything about? Hmm ... Here are 9 benefits of bananas that will make you more in love with it:

1.Good for consumption by pregnant women
Bananas turn out to have potassium, folic acid, and high potassium. All three are very good if consumed by pregnant women. Bananas are also powerful to overcome the common morning sickness experienced during early pregnancy.

2.Smoothing facial skin
No need to mix natural face mask. A mixture of bananas and honey was powerful to make facial skin smooth and remove acne naturally. How to make it easy. Simply destroy one banana and mix with honey. Spread it on a face and rest it for 30 minutes.

3.Overcome depression
Well, it turns out eating bananas can overcome depression you know! Tryptophan content in it can make serotonin hormone production becomes abundant. Seratonin is what will make our feelings become happier.

4.Relieves menstrual pain
For women, stomach cramps when coming months can be one of the most annoying things. Well, regular eating bananas can relieve menstrual pain also ya!

5.Overcome the bumps caused by mosquito bites
In the dry season like now, it seems the mosquitoes come and go non-stop huh? If your skin is bumped by a mosquito bite, apply the inside of the banana skin to relieve the swelling.

6.Goodbye constipation!
Often experience digestive problems such as constipation? Duh, maybe you lack fiber! Try eating bananas regularly. Guaranteed this one problem can be resolved.

7.Drugs for anemia
Bananas have high iron and can help produce hemoblogin in the body. This can help people with anemia.

8.Improve brain performance
Eating bananas 3 times a day can improve the performance of our brain. This is due to the high potassium content in it.

9.Eating the right diet
For those of you who are on a diet, replacing your snack with this fruit is the right choice! Bananas have low calorie, but still can make you energized.

Well, that's 9 benefits of bananas that we need to know. Yeah, the happier to eat bananas every day. In addition to tasty and easy to get, it turns out the yellow nan legit also has a lot of good for our bodies. Complete yeah!

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