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The 10 best University in Malaysia - Best University in Malaysia - Malaysia is one of the countries located on the Asian continent. Precisely in southeast Asia region. As one of the developed and modern countries, Malaysia has a variety of uniqueness. Such as cultural uniqueness, government system to language.
Malaysia is thick with Malay culture. But when viewed from the language of everyday conversation, they are quite unique. Malaysians often mix Malay with English.

The use of English in Malaysia itself became the second language of instruction after Malay. Especially if we enter the campus environment, there are some best universities in Malaysia that make English as their language of instruction.

Early on, English has been taught to children both in the family environment to school. That is the reason, Malaysian citizens of the lower class to the top so fluent in English.

If we visit Malaysia then we will see various tribes and races. According to Wikipedia, the Malay Tribe becomes the largest part of Malaysia's population. There is also a sizable Chinese-Malaysian and Indian-Malaysian community.

10 Best Universities in Malaysia

This neighboring country is divided into two regions, namely Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysia which borders directly with the island of Borneo. If seen from its own geography Malaysia is Indonesia's neighbor. It is no wonder so many students from Indonesia who study in this country, especially in the best universities in Malaysia.

The cost of living in Malaysia is also used as a reason for students to continue their studies because the cost of living is very affordable and not much different from the standard in Indonesia. In addition, the proximity to Indonesia became their reason for studying in Malaysia.

The quality of education in Malaysia is quite good and internationally recognized. With over 135,000 students from 160 countries and universities that are branches of a renowned university in the UK.

Malaysia is one of the best study destinations in Southeast Asia and certainly there are some universities that can be used as a reference for study abroad. Here are 10 best universities in Malaysia Malaysia Webometrics 2016:

1. University of Malaya (UM)
This is the first rank of the best university in Malaysia according to Webometrics version of 2016. While based on QS Work Ranking University, University of Malaya is ranked 27 with score 84.9 in Asia.

This Malaysian pride campus is the first educational institution established in Malaysia. The best state university in Malaysia is also located in the Budi neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur.

UM is a public research university, the leading and leading research university in Malaysia, welcoming international students from all over the world. A proud achievement of course, therefore this University should be the first reference for you who want to continue studying abroad.

It was established in 1949 and is the most honorable oldest university in Malaysia. The name of this university abbreviated Malaya during the pre-independence period. The best university campus in this neighboring country covers an area of 309 hectares.

The University of Malaya is the first choice for Malaysia's top students and the international student population of Malaya University comes from over 80 countries.

Malaya University has 12 faculties:
  1. Faculty of Languages and Linguistics
  2. Faculty of Business and Accounting
  3. Faculty of Economics and Administration
  4. faculty of Law
  5. medical School
  6. faculty of Dentistry
  7. Faculty of Environmental Development (Built Environment)
  8. Faculty of Education
  9. Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
  10. Faculty of Science
  11. Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences
  12. Faculty of Engineering
The university has 5 centers:
  1. Center for Civilization Dialogue
  2. Cultural Center
  3. Sports Center
  4. Basic Learning Center IPA (Foundation)
  5. Center for Continuing Education
The University of Malaya has 2 academies:
  1. Academy of Islamic Learning
  2. Malay Learning Academy
There are 6 institutes at the University:
  1. Asian-European Institute
  2. Institute for Public Policy and Management
  3. Institute of Inquiry and Management Consultation
  4. Chinese Learning Institute
  5. Principal Learning Institute
  6. Institute of Post-Graduate Education
The vision of the best university in Malaysia is to advance knowledge through continuous improvement for everyone, especially University of Malaya students. The lecturers at the University are of course highly qualified, with doctorates and professors.

Facilities and infrastructure at the University of Malaya are very complete and adequate. Well-known facilities at this best campus like Museum of Asian Art and Botanical Garden.

Campus located in the land of the Petronas tower is always trying to provide comfort for the students, because with a comfortable study then the students will be active and focused. This is similar to the Malaya University's motto "The Science of Progress" (Science of Progress).

The University of Malaya to date has more than 100,000 alumni, who have become leading and renowned personnel and leaders in various fields. It becomes a pride for the best universities in Malaysia.

Most of the alumni of Malaya University are politicians, historians, artists and so on. Tun Abdul Razak and Mahathir Mohamad are former Malaysian prime ministers who have studied here. Juri Ardiantoro, chairman of the Election Commission of the Republic of Indonesia in 2016 is the best university graduate.

2. University of Science Malaysia (USM)
Next rank second best university in Malaysia fell at the University of Science Malaysia. Established in 1969 and is the second university established in Malaysia known as Pulau Pinang University. Why is it called Pulau Pinang University? Because the campus is located in George Town, Pulau Pinang.

The university has 24 faculties. USM is one of the three best universities in Malaysia with a research university. In 2006, USM had approximately 30,000 students including 7,000 people in the undergraduate stage. This makes it the largest university in Malaysia in terms of the number of students.

The campus is spread in addition to Pinang Island, there is also located in the area Ampangan Series, Nibong Thickness, Seberang Perai and in Kelantan. This USM offers a brilliant convenience for research and education both local research and overseas research.

USM also offers three types of learning through graduation programs, through inquiry, or a combination of special work and research, or specialized work. One of the best universities in Malaysia is emphasizing the development of human resources and development progress, knowledge and competitive industries.

The research area is underdeveloped at USM, which involves the study of the brain, neurosciences, science, culture, medicine and pharmacy, native language processing and computer translation, information technology, food technology, polymer science and technology, biotechnology, distance education, geographic information systems, analytical structures, science materials, engineering, chemical surfaces, and robotic vision.

3. Universitas Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
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The third rank is the University of Technology Malaysia. The campus was originally founded only a special engineering faculty in 1904, which in the end 1975 became a university. UTM is a research university focusing on alumni and promoting innovation.

One of the best universities in Malaysia has two campuses. UTM Campus Kuala Lumpur and its main campus are in Johor Bahru, located in a strategic location of Iskandar Malaysia, is a fast-growing economic center in the south of Peninsular Malaysia.

Since it was inaugurated as a university in 1975, UTM has played an important role as Malaysia's largest contribution in providing technical and professional labor to local industries, government agencies, and multinational corporations.

The third best university in Malaysia runs its vision to become a world-renowned Entrepreneurial Research University, UTM is shaped into a center of academic and technological excellence. His mission is to be a leader in the development of human resources and creative technologies that can contribute to the welfare of the state.

UTM is currently the main institution in Malaysia for engineering, science, and technology. UTM is also actively involved in research collaborations in interests similar to leading institutions such as Harvard University, MIT, the University of Oxford and so on.

Annuar Musa, President of Kelantan FA since 2009 is a graduate of Universitas Teknologi Malaysia. In addition, alumni from one of the best universities in Malaysia is We Ka Siong, a Malaysian politician who served as Member of Parliament Ayer Hitam, Johor since 2004 also has attended this UTM campus.

4. University of Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Malaysia's next best university version of Web metrics is Universitas Putra Malaysia common in short UPM. The university provides a quality education and a dynamic learning environment.

The campus was established in 1971 as the Malaysian Agricultural University, combining the Malaya Faculty of Agriculture and the Malaya Serdang Agricultural College. The university started out with three faculties namely Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Science.

In the early days of the '80s, UPM has expanded its field of study, as evidenced by the field of Science and Technology studies. In 1997 the best university in Malaysia was renamed the University Putra Malaysia.

The campus is located in Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia. Currently, UPM offers 59 undergraduate, 13 diploma and 50 postgraduate courses for master and Ph.D. degree. In this campus, there are more than 250 subjects as a whole.

UPM's vision as a college center that seeks to offer courses to address the country's future development. One of the best universities in Malaysia is a lot of politicians, including Salahuddin Ayub, the former member of Parliament of Malaysia and Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman.

5. Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia
The university that has the call of the Malaysian National University is ranked fifth best university in Malaysia version of Web metrics. The campus is located on Jalan Reko, Bangi, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur.

Since its founding on May 18, 1970, the University of Malaya (UKM) has not only successfully fulfilled its vision as the founder of the nation to adopt Malay as an educational language but has also produced intellectuals and scientists who became one of Malaysia's pride.

Initially, the SME campus consisted of only three faculties but now has grown to 13 faculties, 13 leading research institutes, and 2 commercial bodies. The university is not only growing bigger but also its high status, becoming a research institute in various fields of study, including running a diverse research center.

Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, a Malaysian health expert and the first Malaysian to go out of space is a graduate of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. This is what affects that SMEs are indeed one of the best universities in Malaysia

6. MARA University of Technology
The sixth rank is MARA Technology University. Founded in 1956, it is the best university in Malaysia. At first, the University began as the Latehan Council of RIDA operating from 1956 to 1965.

The council was established with the aim of being a trial center offering inventory courses for out-of-town youth of the English stream. RIDA is an abbreviation of Rural and Industrial Development Authority, formed in 1950 to help raise the economic level of Bumiputera population (indigenous in Malaysia).

MARA University of Technology is located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. The best university in Malaysia has 3 satellite campuses, 15 branch campuses, 9 urban campuses, and 19 high school affiliates. There are currently 120,000 students enrolled here.

All courses offered by the university aim to help students reach the highest scientific level and make them experts and professionals in various fields. The best university in Malaysia, MARA University of Technology has certainly received accreditation from Malaysian Feasibility Agency (MQA).

There are 24 Faculties at MARA University of Technology:
1. Faculty of Applied Sciences
2. Faculty of Computer and Mathematics
3. Faculty of Architecture, Planning, and Survey
4. Faculty of Sports Science and Recreation
5. Faculty of Medicine
6. Faculty of Health Sciences
7. Faculty of Pharmacy
8. Faculty of Dentistry
9. Faculty of Chemical Engineering
10. Faculty of Civil Engineering
11. Faculty of Electrical Engineering
12. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
13. Faculty of Law
14. Faculty of Administration and Policy
15. Faculty of Communication and Media
16. Faculty of Art and Design
17. Faculty of Education
18. Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology
19 Faculty of Music
20. Faculty of Accounting
21. Faculty of Business Management
22. Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management
23. Faculty of Information Management
24. Faculty of Management and Technology Office

Learning Center:
1. Academy of Language Studies
2. Center for Islamic Mind & Understanding
3. International Education Center
4. Institute of Graduation Studies
5. Institute for Educational Development

Zaid Ibrahim is a Malaysian politician of alumni of MARA University of Technology. Farid Kamil, an actor from Malaysia, has been here.

7. National Energy University (UNITEN)
The best university in Malaysia to seven versions of Web metrics in 2016 namely the National Power University. The university, which is common in short UNITEN was established in 1976, is one of the first private universities in Malaysia and the university is wholly owned by the national public company Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

At its first stand, the name is the Sultan Ahmad Shah Training Institute (ILSAS), which is a corporate training center for Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNN). Later in 1994, ILSAS was transformed into an Institution for a college called the National Institute of Technology Technology (IKATAN).

The best university in Malaysia has two campuses, Putra Jaya Selangor, and one additional campus at Bandar Muadzam Shah Pahang. The institute offers academic programs and technical skills training.

UNITEN has 4 faculties namely faculty of engineering, faculty of information technology, faculty of business and administration and also graduate faculty. All of his academic programs have been recognized by the Malaysian State Accreditation Institute.

8. Antarbangsa Malaysia Islamic University
The Inter-American Islamic University of Malaysia or better known as International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) is ranked eighth best university in Malaysia version of Web metrics 2016.

The university was first established in 1983 by a Malaysian kingdom sponsored by eight governments of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) organizations.

The campus that belongs to the best university in Malaysia is located in Gombak, Selangor. Although the University is based on Islamic teachings, non-Muslim students are also accepted as university students.

IIUM offers a wide range of courses in various faculties including:

1.Faculty of Medicine and Health
  • General Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
2.Faculty of Science
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Mathematics
  • dentistry
3.Faculty of Law
  • Law
  • Sharia
4.Faculty of Economics and Management Science
  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
5.Faculty of Engineering
  • Communication Technique
  • Informatics and Computer Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Flight Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biotechnology Engineering
  • Material Engineering
6.Faculty of Architecture and Design Build
7.Faculty of Information Technology and Communication
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
8.Faculty of Revelation and Social Sciences
9.Institute of Education (INSTED)
10.The International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC)
11.International Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIiBF)

The vision of the Inter-Islamic University of Malaysia is to become a leading international center of excellence in education seeking to restore the dynamic and progressive role of Muslims in a branch of intellectual knowledge and discourse.

Most of the graduates are politicians, academics, and even ulama. Alumni of the best Islamic university in Malaysia is the most famous in Indonesia is Muhammad Rizieq Shihab or better known by the call of Habib Rizieq, head of the Islamic Defenders Front organization.

9. Tun Hussein Onn University Malaysia
Ranked among the nine best universities in Malaysia Web metrics version is Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia University commonly abbreviated as UTHM. The university is a public university located in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

At first, the university underwent a name change. In 1993 its name was Polytechnic Staff Training Center (PLSP). Three years later turned into Tun Hussein Onn Technology Institute (ITTHO). While in 2001 changed its name to College of Technology Tun Hussein Onn University (KUiTTHO).

In 2007 until now this institution became a university namely Tun Hussein University Malaysia. UTHM is among the best universities in Malaysia.

Tun Hussein University Malaysia has 9 faculties and 3 learning centers:
  1. Faculty of Public Awareness and Nature (FKAAS)
  2. Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FKEE)
  3. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Manufacture (FKMP)
  4. Faculty of Technology and Business Administration (FPTP)
  5. Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education (FPTV)
  6. Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FSKTM)
  7. Faculty of Science, Technology and Human Development (FSTPI)
  8. Faculty of Technology Technology (FTK)
  9. Student Studies Center
  10. Diploma Studies Center
  11. Center for Continuing Education
10. Universitas Malaysia Pahang
Ranked top ten best universities in Malaysia Web metrics version of 2016 is the University of Malaysia Pahang. The university is Malaysia's leading research and technology-based engineering university.

The university, located on the campus of Cawangan Pahang-Darul Makmur, was originally known as the University College of Arts and Technology Malaysia (KUKTEM).

In 2007, the Malaysian kingdom changed the name KUKTEM to Universitas Malaysia Pahang. The best university in Malaysia is authorized to become a vocational university among 19 other state universities in Malaysia.

The university is specialized in providing majors in engineering, technology, and industrial sciences. The University of Malaysia Pahang has two campuses, namely Pekan and Gambang. Campus located approximately 30 kilometers from the center of Kuantan City has an area of 65,000 m².

The majors are offered in seven faculties, namely Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering & Earth Resources, Chemical & Natural Resource Engineering, Industrial & Technology Science, Computer Systems & Software Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering & Technology Management.

Well, that's the 10 Best Universities in Malaysia in 2016 version of Web metrics. There is no intention to incite or compare universities with each other because each university has its own advantages in the field.

Regardless of the excellence of each university remains all dependent on your wishes. This article is just one of the millions of articles that contain references to the best universities, especially in Malaysia.

Hopefully, you are not satisfied with this article so it spurs you to look for other references, maybe even your survey directly to Malaysia. Thank you very much for the time to read this simple article.

Hopefully Helpful, Thanks for reading: The 10 best University in Malaysia.
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