How to Delete Facebook Search History

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How to Delete Facebook Search History - How to Delete Facebook Search History - Well, this time I will share tips on how to delete FB search history. As for what I mean is to delete the log of Facebook activity or list of people who have just been searched on the facebook page. Did you know that when you type a person's name, group name and fan page name in the Facebook search field, it will be stored the name or word in your FB log?

But my friend did not have to worry about the thing you just looking for because facebook history was only in the know by you as the user FB itself. But if the use is a friend or someone else, of course, if the sought after is a matter of privacy or personal.

Therefore be sure to keep confidential personal information to keep the confidentiality of others. Maybe you often visit a facebook profile and make sure you always delete the list to keep it safe secret. Moreover, you have a secret devotee, while you already have a partner or do not want to be known by others, hmm surely you need to lock your total secret.

So I will provide a solution on how to remove the facebook search activity on facebook ever done. There are two ways you can do, in the first step is practice car and fast to be able to delete history FB and in a second way somewhat complicated. But you can choose one of the two ways to delete and delete the facebook browsing history  as below,

You can also delete logs or search activity on facebook using a desktop computer or laptop pc device and on tablet and smartphone android or iPhone and blackberry. But the way you are the same steps, live to refer to the following tutorial.

How to Clear History or Search History on Facebook

As I have mentioned above, that there are two tutorials about deleting search history or search on Facebook.

# 1. How to Erase Quick Search History in FB Easy Practical

Just do a few short steps to be able to clean, as for how easy live click finish like this one.
a. The first step makes sure you are logged on facebook.
b. Go to Facebook Home / Home page, and click the search field and wait a few seconds to appear as shown below.
how to delete fast facebook history

c. Then click " Edit " as shown in the picture above.
d. If it is then you will find the following view, and click Delete Search.
how to delete search

e. Next will message delete a message, you live Klaik blue button "Clear Search. and finally, the search history in facebook account successfully deleted and no longer appear.

# 2. The Second Way Removing or Eliminating Search History on Facebook

As I said earlier, the second point tends to take longer. But if you want to do in a second way yes it does not matter, it all depends on what you want to which way.
a. First you login first into account FB pal.
b. Then go to the profile section of your Facebook account.
c. After that click Activity Log as I show in the picture.
how to delete history in fb profile

d. Then you click More, then click Search.
remove history fb delete history fb

e. Well surely you will find the look like below, you just Click Delete Search.
how to delete search

Well, that I can tell about how to clean and delete search list in Facebook history. If my friend is still confused or there are things to say, then give comments in the comment field below and do not forget like facebook real refined and share to social media yes, good luck good luck.

Thanks for reading How to Delete Facebook Search History.

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