GPU Selection Matching level Android Game

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GPU Selection Matching Android Game - GPU Selection Matching Android Game - how to choose android smartphone suitable for playing games from GPU for later when playing games feel fun, which you need to pay attention when choosing a graphics card.

The good graphics card will greatly support the quality of the resulting graphics, if using the graphics card with high quality it will produce images or graphics are also high. If an Android smartphone is not equipped with a good graphics card it will not feel the maximum.

Apart from the GPU (Graphics Card), you should also choose a smartphone with the right processor for gaming, you should recognize the types of processors used whether it is ARMv6 or ARMv7. What is better and more suitable to play the game is the ARMv7 type processor that supports more applications and games, this type of processor will optimize the work of the GPU well.

GPU Selection Matching Level Android Game

Here you will know and I will suggest a good GPU specification to play the game, well here's how to choose android suitable gameplay so that later can determine your own choice.

1. Low-quality GPU

Adreno 130 type> Adreno 200> PowerVR SGX530 is a less recommended type to play the game because the resulting quality is less than optimal then you should not choose a smartphone with this type of GPU.

2. Medium Quality GPU

Graphics card with Adreno 200 enhanced version or Adreno 200 ++> Mali 400> Video core IV> Adreno 203> Adreno 205> Adreno 220> Adreno 305> Mali 400MP2> Nvidia Tegra 2. This type of GPU has the level quality medium which means still not suitable for a game but can play the game normally.

3. High-Quality GPU

There are several types of GPU that have super quality like Nvidia Tegra 2> Adreno 320> Adreno 330> Mali 400MP4> PowerVR SGX543MP4> PowerVR SGS544MP3 (Tri-Core). If you find the smartphone specs with GPU as above then it is a very nice GPU.

To play games with optimal performance then you should choose GPU with high quality, besides with high-quality GPU this will give high resolution and also High Definition or HD.

According to experts who have tested the performance of several brands of hp used to play the game by the Sunspider team, this is where the brands with high quality get the position as iPhone 5s who occupy the first position, followed by Nexus 5 with second place, then in the next position followed by Sony Xperia Z. A research by GFXBench T-Rex puts the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in the first place, and in the second sequence of the three is occupied by iPhone 5s and Nexus 5. Indeed the results of different research they publish most of his research based on the invention.

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