Easy Way to Delete All Status on Facebook

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Easy Way to Delete All Status on Facebook
Freeliveyoung.com - Easy Way to Delete All Status on Facebook - If you already feel grown up and you see your staus who was very stupid and eager to delete all your status on facebook it. Essentially you want to delete all your status on facebook. You can follow the steps below to delete all your status on facebook.

Because if you delete them manually one by one will take a lot of time. To delete all statuses on facebook, you can use Google Chrome app or Google Chrome Extension named Facebook Post Manager. You can download the app via the store in Google Chrome or you can also download it here ].

How to Delete All Status on Facebook

The Facebook Post Manager application is one of the Google Chrome Extensions apps you can use to manage your status on facebook. You can also use this app to delete all your posts or status on Facebook.
# 1. After you download the application earlier, please you install the app on your Google Chrome.
# 2. After the app extension is installed on your Google Chrome, you open or log in your facebook account you want to delete all the status,
# 3. Log in to your Chronology or profile, then click View Activity Log (see picture below). You can delete your status on facebook through this page, and also you can delete it faster when compared through chronology or your homepage.
how to delete all status on facebook

# 4. Once you have successfully installed the Facebook Post Post Extensions app on your Chrome, you will see the extension icon of the app on the top right of Chrome. Please, you click the icon to display it.
how to delete all status on facebook

# 5. There you will find columns of years and months. Years means year and month means month. Please, you set from year and month to how many you want to remove your status. After you specify the year and month, click the Delete button. This application will do the scan, please wait until the scanning process is complete.
how to delete all status on facebook

# 6. After the process is complete, you will get a notice like a picture below. Please, you click the OKbutton.
# 7. After that you yellow button that says Confirm to delete -> Confirm.
how to delete all status on facebook

# 8. Then a notification will show you whether you are sure to delete the status. If you are sure you want to delete the status please select Delete Post.
# 9. After that Facebook Post Manager application will make the process of removal, please you wait until the process is complete. The length of this process depends on how many statuses you've ever made. The more status deleted the process will be longer, otherwise, if the status is deleted a little, the process will run faster.
how to delete all status on facebook
If you fail in this process, please repeat again, because sometimes this application is not immediately successful in one command. Please repeat from the beginning and wish you success.

That's the tutorial how to remove all our status on facebook. With this, you do not have to bother deleting your status manually one by one. You can simply delete it thoroughly according to the year and month you want.

SOURCE: https://www.mastekno.com/id/cara-menghapus-semua-status-facebook/
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