Causes of RAM (Random Access Memory) Quickly Full & How to fix it

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Causes of RAM (Random Access Memory) Quickly Full & How to fix it - Causes of RAM (Random Access Memory) Quickly Full & How to fix it - The cause of the above problems is one of the RAM memory you use is too full. Maybe this problem has become a problem that we often encounter. Maybe you've ever encountered RAM memory on our full computer even though it has not run any software yet. Thus many of us find if the RAM memory has been full of our computer will be slower and often crash.

Computers are very influential on the available RAM capacity. If the RAM you use is damaged then the computer will not want to live. The function of the RAM memory itself is as a temporary storage for instruction or data processing processor. Many people ask why the RAM on our computers is full fast ?. The cause of RAM on your computer is full fast because it is caused by some factors that affect one of the RAM capacity factor that less, but if you already use RAM with a large capacity but you mengoprasikan usual applications but full capacity RAM fast, it must in find out the cause.

Causes and How to Solve Faster RAM Full

Check out the article below about the causes of full-blown RAM and how to solve it, maybe the cause matches your problem.

# 1. Less RAM Capacity
RAM memory capacity is very much on the performance of your computer. If you use the RAM capacity is too minimal, then the RAM memory you use on your computer will be full fast, so when you run the software will take a long time in the process of opening it. Software applications with newer versions can also take up much RAM capacity on your computer compared to your old version of software. This is because the software with the new version adds new features, so the software also increases the size of the software that can cause your RAM full speed. If you are running a new software with a standard RAM capacity, it is not uncommon when your computer is lagging or slow.

# 2. Too Many Start-up Applications
The Sstart-up app is an application that will run automatically when the computer you are using is turned on or startup. Ana can see any start-up app that runs on your computer by opening the Run box by clicking the (Windows + R) button simultaneously and typing "msconfig" in the Run box without the quotes (").It will automatically open whatever start-up applications are running on your computer like. In general, start-up applications on the run has a very important functions like windows firewall, antivirus, and other applications.
However, if the start-up applications that exist on the computer too much will cause full-capacity RAM full, because the RAM will be fully loaded with apliakasi start-up since the computer is turned on. To solve this problem, you need to reduce unnecessary start-up applications on your computer, but do not reduce important applications such as antivirus and firewall because it keeps your computer from virus attacks, if the start-up application runs a bit, then the ram's apache full speed and computer performance will remain optimal.

# 3. RAM Memory Troubled
RAM capacity can also affect RAM with problems, RAM damage can also cause your computer to be restarted by itself, experiencing lag or hang and worse your computer can not display the output on your computer and possibly other bad your computer can not be used . You should first check the RAM you use is damaged or not by using the BIOS on your computer or try with other RAM memory or try your RAM memory on another computer. And the other problem is the RAM you use is dirty, you can clean your RAM memory by using pencil eraser by rubbing on the golden pin with one direction that is out.

# 4. Number of Service or Service Running
The number of services or services running on your computer can also reduce the capacity of your memory memoory, as well as start-up applications this is because the service and the service will automatically run on your computer when on the run. So your RAM memory will be quickly filled by the service and sevice when the first computer turns on, like svchost.exe service is pretty much found and consuming RAM capacity. The solution you can reduce the service and service on your computer so that RAM memory capacity ana increasing.

# 5. Antivirus Programs That Are Too Much
Lots of applications or antivirus software providers exist in this world. You are free to choose the antivirus application in accordance with the needs and abilities you want. In addition you also need to know the flaws and advantages of antivirus you use. But you also have to choose the antivirus in accordance with the computer anada, if you use antivirus and anti malware applications, you should use one of the applications only, because one of these applications already provide two capabilities you want that can be useful as antivirus and anti malware. That way your RAM memory capacity can increase. Another thing you should note is to choose an antivirus with a light size. If you use a heavy antivirus then the RAM memory capacity you use will be full fast,

# 6. Update Driver
Driver is a special program that is made for the operating system to communicate with hardware that is in use on your computer. An example is a WLAN driver to connect to a wireless network, or a sound driver for sound to connect with speakers, drivers for printers and more. If the driver is experiencing a problem with the operating system, then the cause of the processor and RAM performance will be more severe, resulting in RAM capacity that you use quickly filled because it is sucked by problems that occur in the driver. The solution is that you can update drivers to be compatible with the system you use oprasi.

# 7. Update Operating System
Similar to other Software, the Operating System can also update to improve security and add new features to help and make it easier for users to do the work they do. We take one of the operating system that is windows from microsoft, the operating system from microsoft ni often do update periodically because this operating system a lot of in use in this world. We recommend that you update the operating system to add security and add to your comfort. But this operating system update can also cause some problems, one of which is your RAM memory capacity is full fast.

# 8. The existence of Virus or Malware
The presence of virus or malware attacks on our computer is very detrimental to us, because the attacks of viruses or malware can damage our important data, making our computer becomes slow and even can attack the operating system that we use. The impact of our computers can not be used optimally. The virus is created by someone who is a program created for the personal interests of creation. This virus runs in the background so it can not be seen by the users.

When the virus and malware running will certainly use memory RAM by way of request request process many times so that your RAM memory capacity will decrease. Not only the capacity of RAM memory is reduced, but other resources such as power will be more wasteful, especially your computer malware that makes your computer as an active botnet, the resource in use will be greater.

So if you solve the problem to overcome the problem is by installing antivirus software and immediately to make secaning to all partitions on your computer or laptop on a regular basis. Especially when your computer is connected to the intenet, and do not lua to always update the antivirus you use, for viruses with new programs can be detected, updating antivirus also fix bugs or loopholes in the antivirus.

# 9. Program running in Background
Programs that run on the backgrond on your computer can also be the cause of RAM memory capacity on your computer. The more programs that run on the background of your computer, the more RAM memory will be in use because it performs the process simultaneously with the program opened and also often there is a virus that runs in the background of our computer. The solution of the problem is that you have to check what programs are running on your computer and stop the program that is not important so the capacity of free space on your RAM memory semakn large.

# 10. Too Many Plugins On Browser
Plugins are additional applications that are used in browsers. The plugin has a function to add interesting features to the browser. When the browser application is in use will automatically plugin application also opens, it can cause RAM memory capastas on your computer will work extra and the capacity will be full fast. The solution is that you can limit the plugins - plugins that you use in your browser, so the space on your RAM memory will be a little loose.

Thus is a bit of an article about the cause of fast full RAM and how to overcome it . Hopefully the article can be useful for those of you who have a fast memory RAM problem full and hopefully you can overcome it, and for those of you who have been reading hopefully can add knowledge about the cause of fast full RAM memory and how to solve it. See you in the next article, do not forget to share if useful.

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