(COMPLETE) Benefits and Dangers of Watermelon for Health and Pregnant Women

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Benefits and Dangers of Watermelon for Health and Pregnant Women
Freeliveyoung.com - Benefits, and Dangers of Watermelon for Health and Pregnant Women - Watermelon fruit is a fruit that has many benefits but has a danger to pregnant women if consumed in excess. The Benefits From Health and Pregnant Women. On this occasion I will discuss it completely, to provide very complete and solid information. Okay, just the following are Benefits and Dangers of Watermelon for Health and Pregnant Women.

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  • This is it! The Secret Benefits of Watermelon Fruit for Health
  • 11 Benefits of Watermelon Fruit for Health
  • 11 Benefits of Watermelon for Pregnant Young and Pregnant Women
  • 6 Watermelon Hazards For Pregnant Young and Pregnant Young Mothers
  • Tips on Consuming Watermelon Fruit for Pregnant Women
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This is it! The Secret Benefits of Watermelon Fruit for Health

Freeliveyoung.com - The Secret Benefits of Watermelon Fruit for Health - Watermelon fruit or Citrullus lanatus is rich in water content is actually recorded from the plains of the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Based on recordings on ancient Egyptian inscriptions, local residents have harvested watermelon fruit 5000 years ago. In fact, they include these fine-skinned round fruit in the tombs of kings as the provision of a journey to the afterlife.

In approximately 90 percent of the water content, watermelon nutrients are composed of vitamins A, B6, and C. A number of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, proteins with several variants of amino acids, and fiber-rich carbohydrates. Although carrying 40 calories in every gemenetralisasia, but this fruit is free from harmful fats.

Benefits of Vitamins
Vitamin C on watermelon fruit when we consume regularly can prevent the occurrence of canker sores. Sprue in the form of small lumps in the mouth or on the tongue that arise due to inadequate vitamin C intake. Watermelon juice or fresh fruit will also help heal ulcer wounds, prevent bacteria from getting into the wound, and overcome the lips or dry mouth.

Pollutants from air pollution due to vehicle fumes and cigarette smoke leave the impression of dull and dirt on the facial skin. Bacteria are easy to breed and can be a cause of acne on the face. Water watermelon rich in vitamins and nutrients will refine your facial skin back. Simply clean the face when finished on the move and paste the dipped cotton into a watermelon on the facial skin. Allow 20 minutes before cleaning. Your face will feel full and fresh.

Benefits of Lycopene
The red color on the flesh of the ripe watermelon signifies high levels of lycopene. According to the study, the content of lycopene in watermelon is the highest among fruits such as red guava, tomatoes, and even red wine. This substance is closely related to the smooth circulation of blood, especially to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, maintain bone health, and prevent prostate cancer. Anti-inflammatory neutralizes and reduces free radicals in the body. As we know, free radicals become the trigger of various diseases in humans.

Together with lycopene, citrulline and arginine amino acids function to smooth blood circulation by preventing the accumulation of fat in blood vessel walls. Even the function of this amino acid according to a research of a university in Texas, United States, can be concluded to improve blood vessel circulation in male genes who experience erectile dysfunction. So there is no need for healing therapy with chemical drugs or stimulants.

Benefits of watermelon seeds
The most interesting is the watermelon seeds. Although the size is small, the nutrient content contained in it is immense. Among other good fats, proteins with several variants of amino acids, vitamin B (niacin), lycopene, minerals such as magnesium, and fiber. These natural nutritional sources maintain a smooth metabolic system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, immune system, maintain heart function and sexual function.

Fruit watermelon fruit Durian, my friend who claimed cool, now so the spirit to diligently eat fruit, especially after knowing the benefits of watermelon fruit that supposedly can maintain the health of male sexual function. "No cool is, if our 'bird' sluggish," he said.

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11 Benefits of Watermelon Fruit for Health
Freeliveyoung.com - 11 Benefits of Watermelon Fruit for Health - Who does not know watermelon? Fruit plants that have the scientific name Citrullus lanatus is a fruit plant that comes from the desert region in southern Africa. The many benefits of watermelon fruit make this fruit as one of the healthy menu popular in the community.

Watermelon is known to have many nutrients and nutrients that are good for the body. In one watermelon contains 92% water, 6% natural sugar, vitamins like vitamin A, B1, B6 and C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, potassium, phosphorus, arginine, choline, lycopene, riboflavin, polyphenols, biotin, amino acids citrulline, pantothenic acid, and much more. Some of the benefits of watermelon fruit, among others:

1.Preventing and Overcoming Dehydration

The water content in watermelons that reach 92%, as well as the number of electrolytes that are important to the body, making watermelon a good food to prevent and overcome the lack of fluids in the body (dehydration).

2.Caring for Hair and Skin Health

Another benefit of watermelon is to treat hair and skin health. One glass of watermelon provides the daily requirement of vitamin A as much as 17% and vitamin C as much as 21%. The content of vitamins A and C in the watermelon required the body to produce Collagen which is essential for the formation and repair of skin and hair structures.

3.Maintaining Heart Health, Blood Pressure, and Cardiovascular System

Watermelon is a good source of magnesium. In fact, the magnesium content in 100 grams of watermelon seed can provide 139% of daily magnesium requirement. Magnesium is essential for maintaining the normal functioning of the heart, blood pressure, assisting metabolic processes, and beneficial to help cure cardiovascular disease.

4.Taking Care of Bone Health

Watermelon contains magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium which can help maintain calcium in bone. In addition, researchers also believe that the content of lycopene in watermelon is very good for bone health.

5.Helps Overcome Pain and Stiffness in Muscles

Researchers have observed that the amino acid content of citrulline and arginine in watermelon can reduce pain and stiffness in muscles, accelerate blood circulation, and help speed up recovery time.

6.Preventing Inflammation

Choline is one of the most important and versatile nutrients in watermelons. Choline helps restore the body's condition during sleep, muscle movement, and as a supplement for focus and memory. Choline also helps restore cell membrane structures, transmission of nerve impulses, fat absorption, and reduce chronic inflammation.

7.Reduce the Risk of Asthma

The risk of developing asthma is lower for people who consume some nutrients with large amounts. One of them is vitamin C which can be found in many fruits, and one fruit that contains high vitamin C is a watermelon fruit.

8.Caring for Kidney Health

The content of sitrulin in a watermelon has diuretic properties. Together with potassium, sitrulin can increase the amount of urine that comes out of the body, as well as shedding toxins with urine released.

9.Helps Maintain Sexual Health

Lycopene in watermelon helps increase fertility in men. In addition, the content of arginine helps increase the body's metabolism, cure erectile dysfunction, and maintain sexual health.

10.Increase Body Resistance

Watermelon is an immune booster because of its high vitamin C content. Vitamin C helps to boost the immune system, protect the body from free radicals and stress.

11.Prevent cancer

Containing vitamin C and polyphenols that act as good antioxidants, watermelon can help fight cancer-free radicals. In addition, some studies say that the intake of lycopene from watermelon can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Those are some of the benefits of the many benefits of watermelon fruit. So, do not hesitate. Watermelon fruit can be an option as a source of nutritional intake is very good, cheap, and certainly easy to find.

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11 Benefits of Watermelon for Pregnant Young and Pregnant Women
Of course, fruit melon fruit has many benefits for the human body including its benefits if consumed by pregnant women. The following will be mentioned and explained about the benefits of watermelon for pregnant women and healthy fetuses:

1. Reduce Swelling in Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, the sting often occurs common pregnancy disorders such as mild swelling that occurs in the hands and feet, a condition commonly called edema. Water content contained in the watermelon makes this fruit can reduce the blockage that occurs in the blood vessels and muscles, so as to prevent edema that occurs.

2. Preventing Dehydration

Did you know that dehydration that occurs in pregnant women can be very fatal? One result is premature contractions or capable of causing premature birth. Watermelon contains 90% water so the benefits of watermelon for pregnant women can prevent dehydration that occurs in pregnant women.

3. Prevent Pigmentation

Pigmentation is a problem that often occurs in the skin of pregnant women. However, watermelon fruit can facilitate the digestion of food and keep the movement of the small intestine, where the condition is quite influential on skin conditions. By consuming watermelon fruit then the pigmentation can be reduced or the skin of the pregnant mother can remain smooth.

This property is also found in the benefits of melon for pregnant women who handle digestive problems.

4. Prevent the occurrence of muscle cramps

The period of pregnancy is a time when the body of pregnant women will undergo various changes. One is the hormone and also the weight that changes or increases. This can make the bones and muscles feel pain and cramps. However, by consuming fruits for pregnant women such as watermelon, will reduce the changes that occur and more importantly able to reduce muscle and bone cramps and muscle pain.

5. Overcoming Morning Sickness

Morning sickness appears as a sign of early pregnancy. Eating watermelon regularly in the morning will give the effect of spirit when starting the day during morning sickness. This is generated from the fresh and soothing flavors that come from watermelon fruit. Benefits of watermelon for pregnant women contains energy and nutrients that benefit the body, and prevent complaints like this in pregnant women.

6. Overcoming Digestive Complaints

Often pregnant women experience problems with bad digestion, which usually happens is the emergence of nausea and stomach acid. However, watermelon fruit can overcome the complaints or problems that occur in pregnant women.

7. Maintain Heart Health

Watermelon fruit enriched with a substance called Likopen. This makes healthy food for pregnant women, is very useful for maintaining the heart health of pregnant women, as well as in the fetus.

8. Maintain the Immune System

Vitamin C contained in watermelon fruit makes this watermelon is able to help improve the body's immune system, pregnant women. This is certainly very good to make the body does not get sick when we are in extreme weather or when weather changes are uncertain. (Read also: how to keep pregnancy healthy )

9. Supports the Formation of Fetal Bones

Watermelon fruit is also enriched with potassium, where potassium itself serves to maintain calcium in the body. This will make it very useful in the process of fetal bone formation and strengthen the joints in the mother's body becomes healthier and stronger. This rich potassium content is also found in the benefits of mango for pregnant women.

10. Rich in Antioxidants from Vitamin A

Vitamin A contained the benefits of watermelon for pregnant women, making this fruit useful in maintaining the organ of vision in the fetus. In addition, vitamin A carotenoid compounds are useful as antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. These compounds are able to neutralize free radicals that enter the body.

11. Smooth Urine

Watermelon also has benefits to help increase or accelerate the flow of urine in the body, especially during pregnancy. This is certainly a very good effect on the health of kidney organs for those who consume them.
6 Watermelon Hazards For Pregnant Young and Pregnant Young Mothers

What are the dangers of watermelon for pregnant women? here's what

1. Causes gastrointestinal tract infections

In the human body, there is a gastrointestinal tract, this channel is very vital for all people, especially for pregnant women because of this channel pregnant women can provide nutrition for themselves and the fetus.

The gastrointestinal tract has a length of 23 to 26 feet, a long, muscular tube channel that starts from the mouth to the anus. Gastrointestinal tract functions for the digestive tract of food so it can process incoming foods into nutrients that can be absorbed by the body.

Gastrointestinal is a disturbance of the digestive system in the intestine and stomach symptoms such as nausea, bloating, diarrhea, difficulty and even vomiting. This condition occurs because of excess lycopene in the body.

lycopene ie pink or orange dye on fruit such as tomatoes, watermelon. Gastrointestinal tract produces nutrients derived from the intake of food entering the mouth so if an infection occurs in the gastrointestinal tract, incoming foods are not optimally absorbed nutrient by the body so that the nutrient needs in the body become less balanced. Pregnant women need more nutrients for the body because the nutrients in the body of pregnant women are absorbed by the fetus, so when pregnant women experience gastrointestinal tract infections, the nutrient needs of the fetus is less than optimal so it can affect the condition of the fetus it contains.

2. Causes hyperkalemia

Hyperkalemia is someone who has excess potassium or potassium in the body, potassium is one type of mineral in the body. excess potassium or potassium in the body can cause an irregular heartbeat, nerves and muscles are not running optimally, so for pregnant women who suffer from hyperkalemia will be bad for pregnant women who have cardiovascular disorders as well.

Cardiovascular disease is associated with cardiovascular organs such as heart and blood vessels.

3. Disrupt the performance of the kidneys

One function of the kidney in the kidney is to keep the number of minerals in the body to keep it in balance, the excess potassium in the body causes the kidneys to become heavy and the kidneys become weakened kibla.

4. Cause low blood (hypotension)

Low blood pressure occurs when a person has blood pressure below the normal rate of about 120/80 mmHg reaching a low value of 90/60 mmHg. The characteristics of lower blood pressure are as follows:

Body Limp, accompanied by Head Dizziness, Quick tired and shaking

  • High fever
  • The heart rate is not normal
  • Cramping neck
  • Vision is not clear

Some people believe that watermelon is very useful for pregnant women who have high blood pressure that can lower blood pressure if consumed with the right portion, but eating watermelon can also cause low blood if consumed in excess.

5. Interfere with the stability of nutrients in the body

Watermelon can clean up waste substances in the body. Excessive watermelon consumption is bad because watermelon can also clean up the nutrients contained in the body. for pregnant women lack nutrients during pregnancy will be fatal to the fetus.

6. Cause diabetes

Watermelons that are consumed in large quantities can cause diabetes. The amount of glycemic on watermelon is quite high about 72 percent. The high glycemic index value in watermelon causes insulin in the pancreas to break down so that blood sugar levels in the body become low.

In addition, the carbohydrate content in the watermelon is high enough so it is very dangerous for people with diabetes if consumed in excess. Preferably for pregnant women who have a history of certain diseases can consult a doctor first for those who are pregnant and hesitant to eat a food. (Also read:  Dangers of diabetes during pregnancy )

As the above explanation of watermelon has some consequences if consumed excessively, any food can be consumed by pregnant women but with certain restrictions as recommended by the doctor.

Myths circulating among people like that watermelon can weaken the fetus, but there is no medical research that proves accurately that watermelon can cause debilitating content.

Tips on Consuming Watermelon Fruit for Pregnant Women

Apart from the dangers of watermelon for pregnant women as described above consuming watermelon fruit for pregnant women is still very controversial among people between may or not for pregnant women, the article of watermelon fruit spread some negative myths in the surrounding community.

According to medical statements that watermelon fruit can be consumed at least 3 slices per day for pregnant women and high lycopene content in watermelon is useful to reduce preeclampsia in pregnant women. This may be slightly different from the myths circulating among people that watermelon fruit is harmful to pregnant women, to increase your confidence in order to maintain your womb health and keep yourself as pregnant women does not hurt if you consult with a doctor first, because every food your consumption is useful in adding nutrients to you and your fetus.

In addition to eating watermelon fruit along with milk will be bad for the body, this is another myth circulating in the community, one of the doctors stated that allow to consume watermelon with milk simultaneously.

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