TOP 5 Best Antivirus For Android

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TOP 5 Best Antivirus For Android - Best Antivirus For Android - Although the case of android virus infected is still rare but it would not hurt you to prevent before it happened to you. One of the things you can do is to install an antivirus that has been tested on Android. But also balanced with always be careful in installing the application and when connecting android to PC. Antivirus in the app store is very much the choice, however, at least you have to choose one of the many antiviruses available.
Viruses are malicious programs that can copy or duplicate files. Viruses can also spread quickly and result in your device becoming slow. Well, to get a general picture of the difference from the most popular antivirus, you can refer to the following reviews.

5 Best Antivirus For Android

1.360 Mobile Security

The first app that is the Best Antivirus For Android today is 360 Mobile Security. An anti-virus app made by a leading developer Qihu. The 360 application has a virtually perfect virus detection presentation that is around 90%. 360 Security will protect you viruses that can damage your system and threaten the safety of your data on your smartphone.

2.Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Then next is Avast Mobile Security. Previously avast already famous first in the PC. Avast is well known and has its own method of virus cleansing. For example boot scan time. These features you find in other antivirus applications. In addition to protecting you from viruses, but Avast has other interesting features of an anti-theft feature. Interested to try?

3.AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security

Just like Avast Security, AVG was already successful on the PC version. Now penetrated the mobile world. Smartphone users also have the opportunity to use antivirus and protect data from virus threats. In addition, AVG also added the anti-theft feature in their program. You can get this AVG App playstore for free.

4.Kaspersky Mobile Security

Best Antivirus For Android that may be familiar is Kaspersky. Kaspersky is a special android antivirus that does not lose its features with antivirus for PC. Kaspersky has many features such as anti-theft, data protection, and of course, protect your phone from unexpected virus attacks.

5.Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is nowhere to protect your phone's security. By using this antivirus you will be calmer for the activity using your android phone.
Norton has several advantages that you can compare. Here are the advantages:

• Free Anti-Malware Protection 
• Remote Lock 
• Always Fast & Easy to use 
• Anti-Theft & Anti-Loss Protection 
• Web Protection 
• Cal Blocking & Text Blocking 
• Protect Your Identity

Actually, there are many types of antivirus applications in Android that you can try, but the 5 antivirus for android above is the best. Hope can be your inspiration to determine which antivirus application is good to use. Thank you for visiting.

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