The most delicious food in the world Rendang

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The most delicious food in the world Rendang - Rendang from Indonesia again ranks first in the world's best food alias. This year so the second time Rendang entered in the first meal the first version of CNN Travel. Earlier in July 2011, CNN crowned Rendang as the 11th best food and in September 2011 Rendang rose to the first rank.

Well, now in July 2017 Rendang remain in the first position and this is a remarkable achievement after many years. This poll was done CNN via facebook and there are more than 35 thousand votes that give votes as many as 50 types of food very tasty in the world or 50 most delicious food in the world in cnn poll is selected from the poll results. The result, Fried Rice, and Rendang into two of the best food in the world.

The most delicious food in the world Rendang

The participants polled his comments on Rendang by calling Rendang is the best. Rendang is a typical Indonesian food derived from West Sumatra. Rendang not only delicious and also rich in spices, it turns out in cuisine Rendang also there is a philosophy. West Sumatra is a place called Negeri Seribu Surau. Rendang the most delicious food by CNN.

Minang domain is the heritage of the Malay Kingdom and Sriwijaya. This place is a witness to the history of Dutch Colonialism. Padang grows into a trading city since the 18th century. The long journey of Ranah Minang is recorded in the culinary trail. Because seasoning and flavor also keep history. Minangkabau is not only synonymous with tradition and local wisdom. But the uniqueness of Minangkabau is heredity down from the culinary side.

Rendang is a typical Minang cuisine cooked with abundant spices and coconut milk in a long time. Coconut milk is the main ingredient of Minang cuisine. Santan is processed with vegetables, fish, meat with lots of spices. Because once the Minang people like to wander, they have to make a long-lasting meal.

Rendang reflects the joint of Minang civilization. Meat is a symbol of Ninik Mamak for indigenous leaders, chili is like a religious scholar who firmly enforces Islamic law, spice is a mirror of the general public, and coconut is a symbol of the intellectuals. That is why this dish is also placed as a maker of one's social status. 50 most delicious foods in the world by cnn - Where number One is Rendang.

It took three hours to cook rendang in a large cauldron. Actually, Rendang Padang is not only Rendang Meat but also there are other types of Rendang is no less unique and certainly no less delicious. Thanks for reading: The most delicious food in the world Rendang article.

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