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The best app for download from Android with the link download Play store - Many people want to download a large file, but they do not want to wait for the download process for so long. Though the files that you want that big files so reasonable if the download process was long.
To overcome your wishes, Google Play Store has launched several applications that can speed up the download when you want to download a file that is too large with a relatively short time just by using an application from the Google Play Store. Apps that have been prepared in the Google Play Store has many options that are all pertained to the best application for all of you who use Android.

Best Download Manager For Android

Here's an app in the Google play store that you can have for free:

1. Loader Droid Download Manager -> Download

The loader Droid download manager is a download manager tool made specifically for the Android platform. This application supports all types of files such as music, pictures, applications or whatever. Keungulan of Droid Loader application download manager that is only eating a little resource (resources) in android us. This application is able to make downloads become more intelligent, efficient, powerful and very easy.

Featured features:

* Resumable Downloads (resuming your downloaded files from the same place when the file was interrupted)
* Auto pause - auto pause when cell phone connection breaks
* Auto resume - automatically resume download if the phone connection is connected again.
* Intercepts links from your Android Browser and other applications
* You can define any network you want to use (WI-FI, 3G, etc)
* The ability to speed up downloads by splitting / splitting files into smaller sections
* Scheduling download)
* Link replacement feature for outdated links
* Stable - more stable if connection up and down,
* and others

2. Advance Download Manager ->  Download

Advanced Download Manager is one of the recommended applications for downloading purposes. This download manager application is also one of the favorite apps in Google play store. The application developed by DimonVideo is installed on 10 million more devices. With an average rating of 4.4 out of 255,466 reviewers making it one of the popular apps for file downloading.

Advanced Download Manager has many advantages on offer.

Featured features:

- Download from internet to three files simultaneously;
- Accelerated download by using multithreading (9 sections)
- Interception of links from android browser and clipboard;
- Download the file in the background and continue after the failure;
- Loader for images, documents, archives, and programs;
- intelligent algorithm to increase download speed;
- Download only over Wi-Fi internet;
- Increase downloader for 2G, 3G, and 4G;
- Change the maximum speed in real time;
- Video downloader and music downloader;
- Continue download disconnected;
- Supports files larger than 2 gigabytes;
- Download parallel files in the queue.

3. IDM + Download Manager free ->  Download

IDM + Download Manager free is also an option in choosing download manager app on Play store. The ability of this application, among others, is able to download all types of files and will automatically download them into small parts and then merge them into one file section.

Another advantage of this application is similar to two applications on it.

4. Turbo Download Manager ->  Download

Turbo Downloader is a download manager application with emphasis on speed. From most reviewers reviewing this app. Most of them tend to be satisfied with the download speed. Even this Turbo Downloader app is among the most superior in terms of speed. Not only that, the features available in this application are also many.

Features of Turbo Downloader;

* Retrieve files from websites at faster speeds! (Up to 5x faster).
* Turbo Download The first mobile phone app ever made with the Download acceleration feature!

5. Download Manager for Android ->  Download

Download Manager for Android is one of the most popular download managers at this time. Download Manager for Android application has been downloaded more than 10 million installs to 50 million installs since the application was released. This application can be downloaded for free, but since it offers the in-option option (optional).

Download Manager for Android application is able to combine the advantages of the best android browser with features of the most powerful media player. Provides download experience and download speed increase up to 3 times faster than standard download on the browser.

Download and manage files of any size with Download Manager for Android, a free app downloader that also offers lightning-fast web browsing. Our browsers resolve download issues such as authentication, integrity checking, file type limitations and lifecycle management, making downloading your favorite content easy!

6. Download Manager ->  Download

Download Manager is a shortcut application. This app offers shortcuts and also full control over the ongoing download activity. Often times we are distressed to stop the ongoing download process, now with this simple application download management can be overcome.

7. Android Download Manager ->  Download

Download Manager will quickly transfer numerous file sorts from net to mechanical man phone or pill. you'll be able to pause, resume, restart and cancel any downloads. Automatically detects links from Web browsers, so you do not need to copy and paste into the app.

- Download files in parallel to increase and speed up transfer speed.
- Support for large files (more than 2 GB)
- Run in the background for you to do other activities on your device.
- Multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously or in the queue.
- It's possible to select buffer size to optimize data transfer.
- Provides the option to enable or disable notifications in the status bar.
- Support many languages: English, French, Spanish, etc.

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