The Best app Android for learning language English, Japanese, Chinese and Other

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The Best app Android for learning language English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German and Other - As we know, learning a new language is difficult. However, learning a foreign language at school is not in our choice. Some of us need to learn different languages for career purposes, many want to learn if they want to travel etc. So, we have created a list of Android apps that will make you learn the language the easy way.

Best Application To Learn New Language On Android

To Learn New Language On Android. Today's communication skills should be necessary for every job or work as you have to interact with different people from different regions and even countries. Therefore, you should know different languages, and for that, we're here with some apps with which you can definitely learn a new language for free. With the apps we've discussed below, you can learn all the top languages like English, French, Spanish, Chinese and more. So take a look at the app below to explore a new language.

Best Application To Learn New Language On Android

This app will help you to learn all the new languages on your Android for free with new programs available through this app to teach a new language in a very easy way. Try all the apps below and develop your communication skills through your device.

List of Best Applications To Learn Language On Android:

# 1 Duolingo
# 1 Duolingo
This is one great app to learn a new language on your Android device. With this app, you can find many new languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese and more. Also in this app, you will not get ads that irritate users. So should try this cool app to explore out a new language.


Learn English, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Esperanto, Polish and Turkish
Practice speaking, reading, listening and writing.
Play games, answer queries and complete lessons to reinforce vocabulary and linguistics.
basic verbs, phrases, and sentences, and learn new words every day.

# 2 Mango Language
# 2 Mango Language
Another cool app that has many language databases in it to learn from your Android. You can learn 60 different regional languages and 17 different types of English-based languages. You will definitely learn many new things from this cool app. So have to try this app.

# 3 Babbel
# 3 Babbel
This is one of the best apps to learn all the top languages in your Android app. In this case, you'll learn languages like English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Indonesian.


14 languages available (including Spanish, French, Italian, and German)
10-15 minute bite-sized lessons fit into your schedule
Lessons covering a wide range of topics (including travel, culture, and business)
speech recognition technology
Ideal for beginners and advanced learners
Manager Reviews keep vocabulary in your long-term memory

# 4 Learn 50 Languages
# 4 Learn 50 Languages
As the name indicates, this cool app will help you to learn 50 different languages on your Android device. In this app, you can learn all the top languages like English, French, Spanish and more. So have to give try this app and learn the communication language with this.


50 languages are available in over 50 languages and around 2500 language combinations
Learn to speak short sentences in real-world situations in no time smoothly.
Adults who have learned the language at school can refresh their knowledge using 50languages

# 5 Memrise
# 5 Memrise
A cool app where you can get many top languages to learn. The different languages you will learn from this app area unit Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.


Exclusive and FREE Memrise Materials created by a team of linguists
a scientific learning system boosts your brain to learn 44 words per hour
personal learning goals keep you motivated
Some test modes to strengthen your skills: multiple choice, listening skills, quick recall, typing and more
Keep your learning fresh with our adaptive machines that keep track of your learning and help you review at the right time

# 6 Learn & Speak Indian
# 6 Learn & Speak Indian
Use the Ex and speak Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali Easy. frequently used phrases in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi are grouped into conversation themes such as greetings, shopping etc. sentences are printed in English and you can also play sounds to know the pronunciation.


Clearly structured themes of talks to categorize sentences
Location-based on content to support you with the right things to say based on your current location
voice support for each sentence to aid in pronunciation
Ability to favorite frequently used sentences
Find the ability to instantly find what you're looking for
Ask the experts in the Exit community for a particular translation

# 7 Phrasebook - Language Learning
# 7 Phrasebook - Language Learning
Using this app, you can learn some foreign languages from a multilingual parrot. Parrots work with you to practice speaking and listening skills, wherever and whenever you are. Learning a new language can never be easier.


Commonly used phrases & vocabulary
authentic pronunciation
Record your fancy pronunciation
Store & manage your favorite phrases
Search for phrases & vocabulary with keywords
No Internet connection required

# 8 Google Translate
# 8 Google Translate
Well, that is translating apps from Google and will help you to learn a new language. This app is from Google and contains almost all languages. You can enter text in English and can be translated into the language you want.


Translating between 103 languages by typing
Tap to Translate: Copy text in any application and your translation appears
Offline: Translate 52 languages when you do not have Internet
instant camera translation: Use your camera to translate live text into 30 languages
Camera Mode: Capture images from text for high-quality translations in 37 languages

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