Packing list in your Backpacks for Travelling Around the World

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Packing list in your Backpacks for Travelling Around the World -Planning traveling abroad, definitely do not want to miss luggage that has been prepared.
Packing list in your Backpacks for Travelling Around the World
Well, I will share a list of luggage that is important and needs to be prepared and tips luggage to travel abroad.

1. Passport
2. KTP or other ID
3. Itinerary journey
4. Itinerary plane tickets
5. Proof of hotel booking
6. As well as documents other documents that would be required

Tips: Please copy the document and give it to our TravelMate. We do not know what will happen there, so prepare the reserves. So it is with our TravelMate, copy documents belong to him we will save. Not just hardcopy, but scan all documents in softcopy form and enter an email. This is just in case if things go wrong.

1. Local currency
2. ATM (Mastercard / Visa)
3. Credit Card

Prepare currency of destination country since departure. Calculate what expenses are needed the care to avoid a lack of money or even waste of money. If you have money in dollars then it can be taken just in case. Money not only in paper or coin but also ATM. If you are short of money then you can pick up at the state ATM machine there, use existing Master Card logo. BNI ATM card can be used with 35,000 charges once transaction.

Tips: If you bring local currency and have calculated the cost to be incurred during the trip, then my advice is not to put all the money in one place (wallet). Divide the money into 3 parts and place it in 3 different places. For example in a wallet, in a suitcase and inside a backpack. Try to put in a safe position. This division of money in the framework of preventive action when one of our goods is lost, you still have another money supply.

1. Country manual
2. City map as a whole
3. Transportation map4. Maps of tourist locations

Tips: If you have a travel guidebook it's worth taking. Usually travel guides by providing transportation maps such as MRT or BTS stations, even maps of tourist locations. If you do not have it, do not worry, you can get it when it arrives at the destination country location. When you arrive at the Airport, then all you have to look for is the information center. There you can get maps and guidebooks for free. My suggestion to take more than one (anyway free). Who knows lost or damaged, then you still have the inventory.

1. Clothes
2. Jeans / Subordinates
3. Underwear
4. Sleepwear

Tips: Bring clothes to taste and not excessive. When traveling away, then rest assured that you will all day wear the same clothes. When new night wearing the nightgown. If you have a trip by night bus, then rest assured you will sleep in the same clothes, which you used this morning. You do not need a nightgown. The calculation of clothes is also adjusted to the field of your traveling location. If you intend to go to an area that needs a lot of walking, it would not be suitable if wearing a troublesome dress. If you go to a cool place, then wear a rather thick outfit. If the hostel provides a place to dry, then you can use to wash and hang your clothes.

1. HP
2. Camera
3. Powerbank
4. Camera Charger
5. HP
Charger 6. Charger Powerbank
7. Plugs Branch
8. Universal Plugs
9. Tongsis

Tip: Use a pocket camera because it is lighter and easier than carrying a DSLR camera that is quite heavy and takes place. But if you want better results and like photography does not matter if you bring a DSLR camera and its equipment. The branch jack is used for HP and Camera charger at the same time. Universal plugs are the plugs used in the country. For example in Singapore and Malaysia use 3 hole plugs, unlike Indonesia that uses hole plug 2. So, you need a universal plug with tip 3 but holes 2 so it can be used for equipment Indonesia plugs.

1. Where to Eat
2. Drink 500-1000ml
3. Spoon Traveling

Tips: Traveling is synonymous with culinary, we can find food all the time in the country. But bringing a place to eat seems to be a useful thing as well. If the trip leaves long enough, then you can bring lunch from home when you arrive at the destination, especially if you do not have time to buy food. Boxes can also be used to carry excess food or supplies for pre-prepared trips. Surely this will save more expenses. When you go home, the lunch box can also be used to place small luggage. The point is you have to diligently wash the food box after use. Bring and drink to wherever you are going, because you will need it most. If it runs out, then there are plenty of free drink refills available.

1. Towel small size
2. Small liquid soap
3. Toothbrush
4. Sachet Shampoo
5. Toothpaste
6. Deodorant
Tips: Use a small towel to save the contents of the suitcase, usually at the hotel will be provided towels as well. If you have TravelMate, then can share the toiletries. Suppose you bring toothpaste and shampoo while TravelMate you bring liquid soap.

1. Cotton
2. Olive oil slightly
3. Small facial wash
4. Small anti UV lotion
5. Powder
6. Lip balm
7. Eyeliner
8. Safety pins, needles, brooch
9. Hair tie or tongs

Tips: If you have a special treat for your face, then move it to a small container. Bring only standard makeup equipment, do not respond in. You want to travel anyway, do not want a photo shoot. Place the needle, pin, and brooch in one container.

1. Koyo
2. Hansaplast
3. Reject Wind
4. Drug Dizziness
5. Fever
Drug 6. Diarrhea Drug
7. Freshcare / Eucalyptus oil
8. Other personal medicines

Tips: Bring enough, you want to travel in a short time is not going to open a small doctor practice right: P That was a disease that may appear in the country people. Bring medicine from your own country, if it is not necessarily suitable. Purchase large and flexible patches. Very helpful when the leg stiff.

1. Wet Tissue
2. Ordinary Tissue
3. Mukena and small prayer
4. Bandages (maybe menstrual queue when traveling)
5. Small notebook
6. pens
7. Slippers Pinch
8. Foot Socks
9. Jacket
10. Goodie bag
11. Plastic ( at least bring 2 large plastic)
12. Small clear plastic for valuables rather wet
13. Umbrella
14. Hat / Glasses

Tips: Bring along and wet tissue and regular tissue in your day-to-day backpack, as it is important to use. Traveling does not mean forget to worship yes. Although the era is sophisticated nothing written on HP, does not mean the pen is not important. The pen will be used at any time required for example for filling fiscal property. If you go with shoes, then it's good you bring a pair of flip-flops that can be used for wet. Socks are always worn if you use both sport shoe shoes and even flat shoes even crocs. In addition to avoiding striped legs, socks also prevent blisters on the hike due to a day walking. Jg socks can be used at night when the temperature drops.

- Bring the cabin size suitcase to fit into the cabin of the plane
- Packing super efficient luggage premises. When leaving, keep the half-empty position half-filled. Because by the time you get home you will fill the empty half of your suitcase with a souvenir.
- Use lock key for suitcase
- Hang suitcase and include your address and contact if your suitcase is gone.

"Packing is the fun gate of Traveling".
Happy Packing yeah!

Thanks for reading: Packing list in your Backpacks for Travelling Around the World article.


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