How to Take Care of a Sea Octopus at Aquarium

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How to Take Care of a Sea Octopus at Aquarium - How to maintain the octopus in the aquarium? Did you know, the octopus is a mollusk animal in the order Octopoda with a character that is the legs are located in the head. Naturally, octopuses live on coral reefs located in the Ocean. The octopus has eight sleeves with a spoon-shaped vacuum-bulb in its whole arm.
Octopus is classified as a rare animal because the treatment is very complicated. Keep in mind, octopuses are the most intelligent animals among invertebrates. With his intelligence and ability to survive in the land environment for 1-2 hours, the octopus is able to escape from the aquarium that became his residence.

How to Take Care of a Sea Octopus at Aquarium

But if you're still interested in keeping octopus tempted by its uniqueness, try our tips as follows:

1.Place of Maintenance
You can create a special aquarium to keep the octopus. Never enter the ornamental fish because it will be preyed by it. Cover the top of the aquarium with a widescreen so the octopus cannot escape. Complete interior with the artificial cave as a hiding place.

2.Lighting Setup
Octopus usually lives on the seafloor. So he does not need enough light. Exposure to the maximum will make it stressful. Adjust the lighting in such a way as to not be too bright. As a shy animal, the octopus will also remain silent when in a crowded environment.

3.Varied Foods
You can provide a crab octopus food. The crabs are recommended are still alive, then put directly into the aquarium so the octopus can catch it yourself. You can also provide a variety of foods ie shrimp and small fish. Every now and then you can give it a cucumber that has been boiled. Give this food every night and early morning because the octopus is a nocturnal animal.

4.Environmental Hygiene
In order for your octopus to grow healthily, you must maintain the cleanliness of his home. Replace half the volume of seawater in the tank every 2 weeks. Install an aerator and filtration device that is useful for maintaining the cleanliness of the aquarium. Immediately take the remaining food that settles in the bottom of the tank before contaminating the water.

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