How to take Care of a Hamster

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How to take Care of a Hamster - Hamsters are a kind of mice that are kept because of their fine, funny feathers. No wonder that many people from diverse backgrounds and ages who are interested to make a hamster as a pet. Originally maintaining a hamster is not quite difficult.
However, if you intend to maintain a hamster, you still have to reproduce information about its maintenance. Therefore, if how to maintain this hamster is not appropriate, would cause a bad effect on your pet hamster.

Maintaining hamsters is easy because the treatment is not too complicated. Even so, you also can not underestimate it just like that. If you decide to maintain a hamster, then you must commit to being responsible for it. Here are some tips for treating hamsters for beginners:

How To Maintain / Care for Hamsters For Beginners For Healthy Hamsters
  1. It's good you pay attention to the selection of types of hamsters that you can possibly maintain. You can ask the owner of the pet store or other hamster keepers. Obviously, you should find a lot of information about the types of hamsters that you can maintain. So you do not feel trouble while maintaining. It is also important for you to know the diet and basic things in the treatment of the hamster.
  2. Hamsters desperately need the affection of their owners. Why is that? Because with affection, the hamster you maintain will be more easily arranged. You have to touch and play with him often so he will recognize you quickly. So also with the smell of your hand. Your pet hamster quickly adapts to you.
  3. Give more attention to the cage. The hamster will certainly spend all his time in the cage. Therefore you need to meet all the needs that make it comfortable to be in the cage. You need to ensure the cleanliness of wood powder for the cage. Like replacing wood powder 2 times a week to maintain the cleanliness of the hamster cage. The wood powder is used to warm the body of the hamster as well as its place to remove the dirt. This wood powder can be found in animal stores.
  4. Note the cleanliness of the hamster cage. Because the dirty cage will cause hamsters susceptible to disease. Once a week or two weeks, clear the enclosure and thoroughly wash the cage. Do not forget to also clean all the equipment and accessories that are in the cage. Make sure everything is clean when you return the hamster back to the cage. 
  5. You must also be good at selecting accessories that you will place in a hamster cage. Make sure that the accessories are needed. Not just decoration. You need to know that in the wild, hamsters will run up to eight miles a night just to find food. It is one of its natural instincts. Even if he does not do it or there is no media for him to do so, it will risk causing paralysis. Therefore, you need to add wheel-shaped accessories as a medium for channeling the natural instinct. You also need a small cardboard box or something that can be a hamster hideout when he will sleep. Because, how to sleep hamster is to hide. Hamsters are also happy to walk through the tunnel.
  6. Note also the food supply, as well as water for hamster treatment. You need to provide fresh water and food in the form of sunflower seeds in the restaurant and fill them daily. It is possible to give some other forms of food such as carrots, celery, apples, and grapes to add to the nutrients it needs. But it should be monitored dosage and schedule. Because the consumption of these extra foods cannot be done often. Also cannot be given in large quantities. Because it will adversely affect the digestion of the hamster. Do not feed any chocolate, coffee beans, or caffeine in hamsters as this can lead to death.
  7. Never immerse a hamster in water for a bath or any reason. Hamster is one of the animals susceptible to disease attack. The hamsters will actually clean themselves all the time and usually do not need to be cleaned. The dwarf hamster will greatly enjoy the dust bath. You can buy dust or dust powder for a hamster bath at a pet store. If at any time it requires you to clean something from your hamster. You can safely use a damp cloth or specialty tissue for pets. No need to use soap or shampoo on your hamster.

I hope that this information can help you in How to Maintain / Care for Hamsters for Beginners in order for Healthy Hamsters, thanks for reading: How to take Care of a Hamster article.


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