How to take care of a fish Koki Goldfish

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How to take care of a fish Koki Goldfish
Freeliveyoung.comHow to take care of a fish Koki Goldfish - Maintaining a goldfish is also a tough one, according to the author's experience, the goldfish actually includes spoiled ornamental fish "certain species" with the living environment (Aquarium). We must really pay attention to water conditions, cleanliness and water temperature for these fish can live and grow to the maximum. It can be done with minimalist maintenance-but the fish does not grow well, and its beauty will decrease little by little. Here are some simple tips or ways to keep this beautiful fish.

How to take care of a fish Koki Goldfish

1. Supply of Oxygen or Air
Goldfish pearl fish requires air bubbles so that in its maintenance in the aquarium, you should equip it with water pump. Here it is intended to provide oxygen stability and also maintain the clarity of the water.

2. Hygiene Supplies and accessories
Wash various aquarium trimmings that you will use to embellish the fish. Try to wash clean and then enter the water in the tank aquarium easily cloudy because if the water is so cloudy means you must be extra vigilant to always replace the water, otherwise it will have a negative impact on your fish.

3. Feeding or Feeding
Eat enough. And try in one day, you feed your ornamental fish 2 times, morning and evening. Give enough food without leaving the rest, if the rest then just take it with the net so the water is not cloudy.

4. Water Purification
Replace water aquarium at least 2 weeks. It is very important to maintain the health of fish that essentially depend on the clarity and sterility water inhabited, try to use water that contains PH in accordance with the fish, if using water PDAM try to be precipitated or erase for 2 nights to reduce chlorine and substance hard contained in it. So do this step at least every 2 weeks.

5. Fish Treatment
When you want to change the water aquarium, move the fish first. The trick is to take a watercolor from the aquarium, fill in the bucket and put the fish there. Should take the fish with a bucket directly with the water, or if using a net use a net to prevent damage to fish fins and scales. After that, please clean the aquarium with sponge and others.

6. Water Filling
Fill the aquarium with fresh water. After that enter this goldfish pearl fish along with water in the bucket earlier. This is intended to provide the easiest way to fish more quickly adapt to the new environment.

7. Treatment of Fish Pain
For the treatment of sick fish should be very careful. There are some goldfish diseases that if left unchecked can be fatal. The first handling step is to be aware of the condition of the fish that looks different and not as light as usual. If the goldfish has been swimming upside down with the stomach to the surface, a sign that the goldfish is severely ill, it can be ascertained that the goldfish is near death. For the prevention and treatment of carp, The ill chef will be discussed in the next article,, here !!

Similarly, tips and simple ways to keep a good carp chef for our goldfish chef can grow healthy and beauty can always awake. The main core of the maintenance of this goldfish is patience and patience. may be useful. thanks. thanks for reading: How to take care of a fish Koki Goldfish article.

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