How to Take Care of a Comet Goldfish

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How to Take Care of a Comet Goldfish - How do I treat a comet fish in an aquarium? The comet fish (Carassius auratus) is a freshwater fish popular as an ornamental fish among its fans. This fish has attractive colors like white, red, yellow, orange, and black. His movement was very agile. At first glance, the comet fish has a similar look like koi fish because they are both included in the Cyprinidae family.
Basically, comet fish has a silvery-white color. The red shaped like this always decorate the comet fish in various corners of his body. There is a pattern attached to the back of the fish, but not infrequently also adorn the bottom of his body. Male comet fish will release a thick white liquid when pressed the rectum. Meanwhile, if the female rear comet fish part is pressed, then the part will remove eggs yellowish colored.

How to Take Care of a Comet Goldfish

Fish comets are fish that have a very good adaptability. These fish are easy to keep in the aquarium, even-even beginners. Let me be more steady in providing care to your favorite comet fish, follow guidelines on caring for fish in the aquarium as follows!

1. Setting up the Aquarium
The aquarium that will be used as a comet fish maintenance site should be well prepared. The aquarium size must be adjusted to the number and size of the comet fish to be included. Next, complete the aquarium with standard equipment such as aerator system and filter system. May also add sand and water plants so that fish feel at home stay in it.

2. Insert Water
The water to be put into the aquarium must be completely clean and free of chemical content. This is so that the color of the fish looks brighter and better. Therefore, water needs to be precipitated for the entire night. After that, water is poured slowly into the aquarium until its volume meets 3/4 of the total volume of the aquarium. If the aquarium is already filled with sand, it is recommended to cover the layer of sand had been using plastic so the water is not too cloudy.

3. Release the Comet Fish
After the water conditions in the clear aquarium, it's time to release the comet fish into it. But before the ornamental fish is actually released, this comet fish must be adapted first. The trick is very easy, simply by entering the fish and the pocket of the plastic to the aquarium, then wait for 15-30 minutes. Next fish can be removed from plastic bags so it can swim freely in the aquarium.

4. Give Feed
The comet fish belongs to a greedy fish. This fish is fond of eating any food and is not at all fussy. You can provide feed in the form of tapeworm, mosquito larvae until the bread is fresh. But let more easily get it, just give fish pellets are sold in the market. Feeding should be done in stages, ie wait until the previous feed runs out just give the next feed. Thus the fish still feel full and clean water can be maintained.

5. Changing Water
Actually, comet fish can live in aquatic environments whose condition is dirty. But as an ornamental fish lover, you would feel uncomfortable if the condition of your aquarium belongs to dirty right? That's why aquariums should be cleaned and replaced with water regularly. We recommend cleaning the aquarium only when the condition is already visible dirty or at least every 3 months so that comet fish do not feel stressed. Once a week, the water in the aquarium needs to be replaced halfway. While the overall water replacement is done every month.

6. Overcoming Pests
Because it has a good immune system, not many pests attack the comet fish. One of them is the pests of needle lice. This pest attack is characterized by the appearance of patches on the body of the comet fish and the movement also looks limp. To fix this, lice needles can be removed manually by pulling them with tweezers. Treatment can also be done by pouring a special medicine.

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