How to take care Contact Lens

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How to take care Contact Lens - Caring for contact lenses is just as important as taking care of our eyes. The dirty lenses will affect eye health. Conversely, hygienically maintained contact lenses will extend the usage time and prevent eye irritation.

How to Take Care of Contact Lenses

First, contact lens care can be done in accordance with the instructions contained on the packaging or bottle of contact lens cleaning fluid. The average way of treatment is almost the same but the result depends on the quality of the contact lens itself. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling contact lenses. Any small germs that enter will be very harmful to the health of your eyes.

Before and after contact lenses are used, clean the lens using a special cleaning liquid that is dropped 3-4 drops on the palm of the hand and gently rubs gently for about 10 seconds for the dirt on the lens to be completely swept away. At the time of rubbing, make sure the contact lenses are not about your nails because the texture of a thin fine will easily tear. Do it on both sides of the lens both inside and outside then rinse and soak the contact lens with a cleaning fluid containing moisturizer for 4-6 hours. If the storage is more than 6 hours, then the liquid must be replaced to prevent the buildup of bacteria inside the container. Contact lens containers should also be cleaned regularly and perfectly dried.

Note the expiration time of contact lens fluid. Do not use fluids that have passed the time. There are even some cleaning fluids that should not be used after being opened for three months. The more sterile the cleaning fluid is, the better the cleanliness of your contact lenses.

If irritation occurs when using contact lenses, it is tested with special eye drops for contact lenses. Do not use ordinary drops because they can damage the contact lenses so they can not be used again.

Do not forget to remember how long contact lens life is. Replace your contact lenses if it does not feel comfortable in the eyes as often sore and itchy. This is one indicator where you have to replace it with a new one.

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