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How to take Care Computer - How to Take Care of a Good Computer- it is the duty of every user to always take care of their computer well so that the computer is not damaged and hangs. especially with a variety of new computer devices in the year 2013, such as laptops, iPad, tabled and various sophisticated devices that are very powerful dominate people in the world.
On occasion This time we will share computer tips with you on how to care for the computer properly and correctly and of course more durable-free disorders some disease that could have attacked him. Computers should not only be used and used by us just like that, the computer must be done carefully on its components to keep the computer in order to stay able to work and can continue to be used by us.

1.Close / close programs that do not need 
Every program loaded or run requires memory (RAM) so that more and more programs that run more memory consumed. This, in addition, can cause your computer to run slow (slow) also your computer workload becomes heavier that will eventually be able to shorten the life of components on your computer.

2.Sufficient ventilation The 
point is to place your monitor and CPU in such a way that the air vents from the wall to the monitor / CPU is wide enough and the air entering quite smoothly. Bad ventilation will cause excessive heat so that components / electronic circuits in it will become hot quickly so that it can shorten the life of the component. Therefore, keep the distance between monitor / CPU with wall/wall at least 30 cm. If necessary, install the fan in the room.

3.Install antivirus programs and update periodically 
To be able to recognize new viruses on your computer should update your antivirus program periodically. Viruses that already spread on your computer can make you re-install your computer. This is in addition to cost will also cause your hard drive will be more quickly damaged than if not often re-installed.

4.Uninstall or remove programs that you do not use 
Harddisk space that is too much consumed will slow down the process of reading / write your hard drive so that your computer workload will be heavier so that the hard disk will also be damaged quickly.

5.Wear UPS / Stabilizer. 
Use the UPS to anticipate a sudden shutdown of power/outages that can cause damage to your computer components especially on the hard drive. If you do not have a UPS, use a Stabilizer to anticipate and stabilize the ups and downs of the utility voltage.

6. Defrag your hard drive periodically. 
The defrag function is to organize and sort harddisk files based on file type/data in such a way as to simplify the read / write process on your computer so that your computer workload will also be lighter which can finally extend the life of the hard drive.
How to click the Start menu> Programs> Accesories> System Tool> Disk Defragmenter. When running this function there should be no other running programs including screensavers that are active on your computer because it will disrupt this defrag function.

7.Enable screensaver on your computer. 
Besides being aesthetic, screensavers have other important functions. CRT monitors are also televised using phosphors to display images. If the monitor displays the same image for a while then there is phosphorus that burns continuously. This can cause your monitor to have problems with the image being dim / less obvious. Another case if your monitor is LCD, LED which has been equipped with energy saving, then the screensaver is not very needed anymore. How to activate the screensaver can be done in many ways, one of them click Start> Control Panel> Display> click the screensaver tab, then select according to taste.

8.Clean Recycle Bin or garbage files on a regular basis 
Actually, the files/folders that you delete is not immediately lost from the hard disk because it will be stored first in the Recycle Bin is with the intention that one day if you still need it can restore again. Recycle Bin that has a lot will also take up hard disk space which can cause the reading harddisk so slow/slow.

How to run it, in Windows Explorer> click Recycle Bin> click File> click Empty Recycle Bin Or can run Disk Cleanup function How to Click Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tool> Disk Cleanup> then select the drive to be cleaned> after that check Recycle option Bin if necessary tick also others (such as temporary files, temporary internet files), then click OK.

9.Install the ground cable 
Computer casing sometimes shocks when held, attach the ground cable to anticipate the electric casing. How to grab the cable with the length necessary, the one end is connected to the CPU body (on the casing) while the other end is planted in the ground. This will neutralize the "stray" electrical current on your computer to be lost and no longer electrocute and it can also make electronic components on your computer more durable and durable.

10.Do not put Speaker Active terlalu dekat dengan monitor
Hal ini kedengarannya seperti hal biasa dilakukan, karena pada umumnya speker diletakkan dekat di sisi kiri monitor dan sisi kanan monitor agar terlihat lebih rapi. Namun tanpa anda sadari medan magnet yang ada pada speaker tersebut akan mempengaruhi monitor yaitu warna monitor menjadi tidak rata atau belang-belang. Dapat kami sarankan jarak speaker active anda masing-masing sebelah kiri dan kanan adalah 30cm agar medan magnet pada speaker tidak mempengaruhi warna monitor anda.

11.Clean the motherboard & other peripherals from dust on a regular basis 
At least six months once this should be done. Open the casing first then clean the motherboard and other peripherals (RAM, Video Card, Modem, Sound Card, CDR / CDRW / DVRW, fan, etc) with a soft brush. When the computer is not used close the computer (monitor, CPU, keyboard/mouse) with the cover so that dust is not easy to get into your computer.

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