How to take care Chilli Plant

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How to take care Chilli Plant - How to Plant Chili - Given the increasing price of chili from time to time, of course, this will make some people look for other alternatives how to get chili with cheap price.
In Indonesia itself, the connoisseurs of chili as a spice cooking classified so very much so that they will feel the loss of appetite without the presence of cooking spice mixed with chili.

Well, for you who want to get chili quickly and practically, actually do not need to buy it to the supermarket but can directly plant it in the yard of the house. For that, you should at least learn how to Plant Chili well and correctly.

The technique is not so difficult, as long as it is able to follow the basic steps of each stage. Even when viewed in terms of business, chili is one of the business opportunities are tempting. So, in addition to your own consumption, you also get an opportunity to develop the chili business. It is not like that?

How to Plant Chili

Seed Selection
Some people will always decide first what chili seeds you want to plant. Like for example, you want to use chili seedlings or red pepper. The initial stage, peel the seeds and take the seeds. Enter into water that has been given a special mixture to sort the seeds ready for planting.

For the record, the seeds drowned out bad when planted. Then dry in the sun directly to dry. Remember you have to choose fresh chili seeds for good results.

Setting up the Seed
The second step is to prepare seedlings. You can use one way of polybag or dam. But in the case, many farmers use media dam because the result is more leverage. The trick, make dam seedlings on empty land, give TSp chemical fertilizer and manure sufficiently.

Then grab the dried chili seedlings, sprinkle it around the seedbed. Cover back the top with a dry weed or dry grass. If necessary, make the buffer for about 50 cm above a dam.

Landscape Transfer Area
How to Plant the third chili ie move to a large area. If you have seen leaves about 5-6 strands then the seeds have been moved to a wider land. Prepare the land that has been ejected beforehand then make the dam back with a size of 1 to 1.5 meters and a 30 cm height range. While the distance between the dam takes each - 30-40 cm each.

Hole each soil with a hole spacing between 40-60 cm. Let sharing full of the combination of substances in it can be mixed perfectly. Do not forget to keep watering sufficiently. Then you can move the seedlings to each hole. When finished, cover it again with the ground around the hole.

Do spraying water regularly and should not be excessive. Manure and mix the fertilizer with TPS or urea sufficiently to each - each to the chili stalk. For the record, it would be great if you increase fertilization through manure because it is natural so as to accelerate optimal growth.

General Maintenance
As you know, regular maintenance is very important in order to maximize the development of chili plants. Where you need to do watering every day at least 2 times a day. Also clean weeds or pests around the field (dam).

Spraying a kind of pesticide one day would be necessary if the pepper plants began to attack pests but better spray routinely recommended. Usually within the next few weeks will appear leaves - leaves that have yellowed and it is a sign of reduced nutritional intake then the solution is just picked the leaf.

Generally, the harvest will take place after 4-5 months depending on the type of chili plants and also its care. So you should not ignore regular maintenance so that the condition of the fruit when ripe (cooked) is really good and looks fresh. Characteristics - chili ready to harvest the fruit orange yellow-orange, leaves alum and not indicate the addition of fruit or development again.

That's tips How to Plant Chili simply. Hope can help you who want to immediately plant chili in the yard or backyard home. Thank you for the visit, so much.

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