How to take care Chameleon

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How to take care Chameleon - You must know that chameleon is a pet now. The reptile fans are getting more and more day.
Well, for you who want to keep Chameleon or Chameleon, first peek tips how to maintain a cool animal that can mimicry this.

1. Choose the species of chameleon you want. 
The more easily preserved species are Yemeni chameleons, Jackson chameleons or Panther Chameleons.

2. Prepare sometimes (chameleon cage is also called the term reptarium). 
Cage High glass-walled chameleon with ventilation mesh. Put some things in the cage to make him comfortable as live plants and fake plants, stalks for climbing and proper lighting and humidity. Young chameleons can grow quite substantial, so make sure you have enough room for cold-blooded animals that may be twice the size of when he was a child. The chameleon's cage should have some material that helps keep the humidity. Coated coconut husk can work great for this. Diligently clean the cage yeah...

3. Chameleon foods are crickets. 
The chameleon also likes the types of insects such as caterpillars, Hongkong worms, super worms, flies, moths, and grasshoppers.

4. Give chameleons a drink.
Give by spraying water on the leaves or sides of the cage with a spray bottle to lick by the chameleon.

5. Make sure the chameleon gets a fair amount of warmth. 
Install the heating lamp at the top of the reptarium. That way, the chameleon can go up and bask in the warm light of the lamp if he wants, and also come down if he gets too hot. A place for sunbathing should be temperatures around 29-33 degrees Celsius.

6. Know that a chameleon is a loner. 
This reptile dislikes another chameleon there with it in one cage.

7. Invite the Chameleon to play. 
The more he plays with you, the more benign and less aggressive the Chameleon is.

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