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How to take Care Books - Caring for a book is not a difficult thing, but often people are lazy or do not know how to care for him, but the book he bought is not cheap lol.
Well, how the hell do we take care of the book we have? Here are some tips for you who want to take care of the book

Here! Ways to Take Care of Your Book

1. Enveloped
Covering the book is not difficult, just a little time eating us. But by covering the book, our book looks clean even after a long time. before covering the book look for plastic that is rather thick and not sticky for the cover of your book, Try to use clear plastic to cover the book seen. Noteworthy is the time to envelop the book do not be too tight because later can make the book folded fold if frequently opened. Later when the cover is slightly damaged, you can replace it with a new cover.

2. Do not Fold
Folding books can damage paper, Use bookmarks if you want to book. Bookmarks do not have to be expensive and beautiful. We can use a leaf, money or business card to limit our books. The most fatal if we mark the book with a thick object like a pen or another because it can damage the Vol.

3. Arranged standing, not stacked
Keep the book in a stacked way, never by piling up because it can damage the volume of books and covers, Use the rack border for the book we put upright. Arrange books based on their classifications so that they can be easily searched later. Exceptions to booklets may be saved by stacking

4. Cleaned
Books, if they are kept and displayed, must be dusty right? let not dusty ya must be cleaned. Cleaning up the book easily, Can with duster, wipes, wet wipe may also be for books with plastic cover (generally hardcover).

5. Do not be bent & folded
This is a common mistake, generally when people read the index finger like to form a curve on the book. this causes the book to be defective because of the bend. People like to not realize if you read the book likes to bend the book let alone fold! wah haram is the law.

6. Do not scribble
For the printed book try not to be painted streaks whether it is wearing pen or pencil, because with a pencil even when removed paper becomes thinner. Use sticky notes like post it or other brands (better mahala better) Because when the note is released, the glue on the note does not leave the rest of the book.

7. Given Kapur Barus (camphor)
The paper raw material comes from wood that is pulped and then molded into thin sheets because it can invite termites to eat away at our books. Generally, new books are not crawled because some have been given chemicals for paper recycling raw materials. Also plastic material in making slippery paper. But for books that still use original paper is generally still can be destroyed by termites. Therefore the bookshelf may be sprinkled with crushed pine or clove powder to keep our books from termites.

8. Rotate the position of the book every two weeks.
If possible, remove the books from the closet and put them on for a day outside the closet. Can be on the table or in open spaces that are not damp.

9. Enough Light
There's nothing wrong with giving a special lamp in the bookcase until the book gets enough light. Light rays prevent moths from entering the books.

10. Easy to Reach
Keep the location of the book is not adjacent to the floor. This means that the book is not at the bottom of the closet. Choose places where books can be easily viewed and easily accessible. Options can be in the middle or top.

Books do have to be treated, but that does not mean so we take care of it so rarely we read. That's wrong! use the book to take his knowledge, understand and disseminate. Do not be stingy that same name borrow book, because it is not everyone can buy or have time to borrow from the library, is not it? If we have a large collection of books that have not been read again and no family members who require better donated to the library. A useful science will be a charity lot!

Take care of your book, spread the knowledge!
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