How to take Care Bonsai

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How to take Care Bonsai - Bonsai is a tree that was deliberately dwarfed with the aim of making a miniature of the old trees are big and old in the wild.
The term bonsai is used in Japan for traditional art in the maintenance of plants in a shallow pot. Also in Japan, bonsai is appreciated from the beauty of the leaves, branches, stems, and roots of the tree. In fact, pots used for bonsai containers are also a criterion that bonsai is considered good or not.

Bonsai is a plant that is suitable to be placed inside and outside the home. To care for this 'dwarf' plant here are the things that you should pay attention to. Bonsai should get the right balance between watering, sun exposure, and pruning so that bonsai stay healthy.

How to Take Care of Bonsai Plants

Pot Replacement
Bonsai are always planted in shallow pots. Therefore, to encourage the growth of new roots bonsai pot needs to be replaced. Especially if your bonsai continues to grow, you need a larger pot. Make sure there is a hole in the pot that can drain the water out so that the roots of bonsai not submerged in water.

Flush Routinely
Bonsai cannot be put too much because this can lead to the growth of fungi and can rot the roots. But bonsai should also be kept so as not to drought. Keep the moisture so that the soil is not too wet or too dry.

Dry in the Sunlight
Bonsai still need to be dried. However, the intensity of exposure to sunlight needs to be cautioned, if too much exposure, it will damage the bonsai, bonsai can actually become damaged.

Bonsai should get the right treatment between watering, sunning and pruning, so bonsai still have good quality and healthy. Sunlight is done after approximately two weeks the plant is planted, in the first stage of providing sunlight for 1-3 hours only then gradually can be extended.

In order to always look beautiful bonsai, pruning should be done on the branches that are less good. Pruning is also done to inhibit branch growth is too fast. In addition to branches, twigs, and leaves also need to be trimmed to form bonsai in accordance with the wishes. You can cut bonsai once a month if the growth of the bonsai is quite fast. However, if the bonsai plant growth is slow, pruning is done only two or three months.

Provision of fertilizer should be done in the appropriate dosage. We recommend fertilization done once a month using NPK and urea, stay adjust to the needs of the bonsai tree. In addition to fertilizer for the plants, give also leaves fertilizer three times per month.

Pest Extermination
Diseased pests can damage bonsai. For that pest should not be left and must be removed immediately. Pests that often attack bonsai plants are caterpillars and brown planthopper. The easiest way to get rid of these pests is to spray insecticides.

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