How to take Care Baby Rabbit

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How to take Care Baby Rabbit - Rabbits are mammals that reproduce very quickly, gestational age of rabbits reaches only 1 month. Rabbits are very easy to breed so it is perfect for use as aquaculture animals.
Rabbits also become one of the favorite pets of Indonesian people as well as cats and dogs.
Actually breeding rabbits is easy, as long as we know the right ways. The point is to maintain the cleanliness and comfort of the cage and provide a complete feed intake of rabbits. With the provision of nutrient-rich feed and maintain the cleanliness and comfort of the cage, the rabbit will always be healthy and grow well.

Newborn rabbits need special care and special attention. Rabbit mothers are considered less able to care and take care of their children well. Since the mother of a rabbit is more distant from the infants, the reason is not to attract the predators who will prey on the baby rabbits.

Ways to Take Care of Newborn Rabbits That Not To Die And Fast Big 

You as an owner should also know how to care for newborn rabbits. On this occasion, we will share an article that discusses how to care for baby rabbits properly and correctly. Happy reading.

1. Make sure the baby is already breastfed
Rabbit mother's milk is very important for the growth of baby rabbits in the first days of life. This milk is like breast milk in humans that contain all the nutrients needed by baby rabbits. This milk should be given regularly to the baby rabbits to maintain its survival and help it grow big

The pattern of rabbit feeding is quite unique and unlike other mammals. Usually, the mother of the rabbit will give milk to her baby at midnight before dawn, between 00:00 until dawn. And the time required each breastfeeding is only about 5 minutes.

To make sure the baby's rabbit is already breastfed by its mother, check your baby rabbits every morning. This aims to ensure the baby gets the nutritional intake that suits his needs. The easy way is to feel the baby's stomach in every morning when you wake up. If the baby's stomach is warm, it means the baby's rabbit has been fed by the mother.

2. Do not be Afraid to Hold a Baby Rabbit
The mother of the rabbit has a very different personality from the other animals. Parent cat is not too concerned about the smell - the smell that is attached to the body of his son. Another case with the cat is very sensitive to the smell - the smell that sticks to the body of his son.

As the owner of a rabbit, you need not worry and afraid to hold the baby body of a rabbit. Holding the baby's body a rabbit is needed to know the situation. As we have mentioned in the first point that holding a baby's stomach in the morning can detect whether the rabbit has been breastfed by the mother or not.

3. Prevent Stress on the Parent Rabbit The 
mother of the newborn rabbit is very susceptible to stress. The stress experienced by the mother of a rabbit who has just given birth can cause fatal things. The rabbit's parent who is going to do extreme things, for example, is eating his own baby who just bore him.

Stress in the rabbit parent is caused by things like a noisy environment and disturbs its calmness. Feeding is not liked by the rabbit parent also makes it stress. To prevent stress on mother rabbit is actually easy, you just need to understand the causes of stress that may be experienced by your rabbit parent.

Give the food liked by the rabbit, this can make it happy and avoid stress. The condition of a dirty cage and slums can also cause the mother of the rabbit to be stressful. You as the owner must be diligent - diligently cleaning rabbit pens.

4. Keep Room Temperature
Rabbits are mammals that have thick and warm feathers. This feather is used to warm the body and keep the body temperature of the rabbit to keep warm. But when a newborn baby rabbit, baby rabbits do not have feathers that can warm his body.

Baby rabbits desperately need the warmth that can be obtained from the arms of the mother. But the mother of the rabbit is a parent that is quite unique, the mother of the rabbit is more distant from his son. This aims to not attract the attention of predators who want to eat or prey on their children.

All you need to do as a rabbit owner is to keep the environment around the rabbit cage so that the temperature does not go down. Keep the temperature in the room where the baby rabbit remains warm, for example by installing electric lamps or using a room heater when it is very cold air.

Baby rabbits should also not be placed in a damp place. The damp place will make baby rabbit easy to cold and attacked various diseases. Keep the place where the baby rabbits are kept dry and warm.

Such is the guide on how to care for newborn baby rabbits. Hopefully the Rabbits Animal Livestock article we shared with you above may benefit you. That's it.

Hopefully Helpful, Thanks for reading: How to take Care Baby Rabbit article.

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