How to Play Nintendo Games on Android

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How to Play Nintendo Games on Android  - How to Play Nintendo Games on Android - Actually, there are many tutorials  How to Play Nintendo Games on Android, but on this occasion, you will be various easier. The 80s generation must be familiar with the Nintendo video game console. At that time Nintendo has become the most sophisticated and fun game console. But now the Nintendo console is no longer available. Where you can play the best game nintendo.
After a while maybe you want to feel the game back for nostalgic. Although the graphics are still far below the 3D but does not detract from the Nintendo games revelry.
You do not worry, now android phones that you have we can use to run the game Nintendo. We'll use a Nintendo emulator to run Nintendo games.
Some games from Nintendo are very popular and the best game nintendo you can play on Android.

List the best nintendo game ever :
  • Mario Bross
  • Excitebike
  • Pacman
  • Donkey Kong Jr
  • Contra
  • Galaga
  • Megaman 2
  • Tetris
  • Duck Hunt
  • Adventure Island
  • Battle City
  • Popeye
  • Castlevania
  • Hogans Alley
  • Tank
  • Bomberman

To be able to play Nintendo games is actually quite easy, do not be afraid to try because here you will be guided from the beginning until the game is ready to play. Check out the following tutorial.

How to Play Nintendo Games on Android
How to Play Nintendo Games on Android

We will use Nintendo emulator for android. The emulator we will use is John Nest Lite. Actually, there are many other emulators in the play store. But we choose John NES Lite because it is easy to use and proven smoothly. Here are the steps:

First Download & Install The John NES Lite Application.

Download Game Files for Nintendo. One of its provider sites is

To start playing Nintendo games the easy way. Open John NES Lite App. Then click the search button above and the game you have downloaded will automatically trashcan.

How to Play Nintendo Games on Android

How easy is not Nintendo play on android?  Actually, you can also install it live in play store and there are many emulators that allow you to play ps or Nintendo. Yes, actually we are much grateful to Google and Android because thanks to them we can remember the past by playing this console game.

You do not need to buy Nintendo anymore because it can be free to play on Android. You only need to buy gadgets or smartphones that are reliable and have big ram only, in order to play this game. So Tutorial How to Play Nintendo on Android. Hopefully can be useful for those of you who need the above information. Thank you for visiting.

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