How To Overcome Sentiment And Fanaticism

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How To Overcome Sentiment And Fanaticism - Sentiments and Fanatism are the main causes of unreliability among religious people.
A self-testimony means the envy that if not severe removed will cause revenge.While Fanatisme means loving something with excessive, it can cause someone to think that his religion is the best than other religions.

Here is how to overcome the attitude of Sentiment and Fanatism in terms of various subjects, among others:

For the followers of the religion that own: 
 1. Uphold the tolerance
 2. Maintain respect and tolerance for other religious adherents
 3. Respect the customs and habits and beliefs of religious adherents other
 4. Maintain good attitude and be friendly to the adherents of other religions
 5. Strengthening the ropes between religions
 6. Recognizing that the difference is a natural element of life
 7. Placing a sense of love and love in the life of religious communities by removing the suspicion of each other against followers of other religions.

For the Government: 
 1. Not interfere in the religious affairs and worship of a religion
 2. The government allows every free citizen to embrace the religion he chooses
 3. The government is responsible for maintaining harmony between religious communities
 4. Building or providing institutions that can unify all religions, Religion
 5. Provide equal opportunity in the system of government without any discrimination of religious people.

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