How to Make a Pigeon Cage

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How to Make a Pigeon Cage - How to make a  pigeon cage really needed by the breeder, but useful as a visitor attraction, also gives a sense that is not bored.
When beginner breeders with minimal funds can use a homemade cage, in order to minimize existing expenses. How to make a pigeon cage is quite easy, namely by visiting directly with other breeders in order to get advantages and disadvantages or also with information that is scattered in the world of the internet.

Things You Need To Watch In Creating a Pigeon's Cage

  • Placement Layout

You should avoid laying the cage on the surface of the floor, this is to avoid the attacks of mice, rat urine, cats, ants and so forth.

  • Under the Surface of the Coop Should Leave The Place For Sand

Each bird also dumps it every time, so the function of sand in the cage is necessary to prevent odor and disease.

  • The Cage Roof Leans A Little

The back cage function is very useful when the rain or exposed water, so the front is not so heavy. This relates to pigeons that do not like the muddy area.

  • Do not Forget to Make Window / Fill

Make air vents useful for keeping the pigeons cool while inside, but if you have more funds, create a door that can be opened and closed again.

Steps to Make a Pigeon Cage

1. Prepare Tools And Materials
Materials used pigeon cage in general:
  • Tang
  • Woodcarving
  • Saw
  • Ruler
  • Colored paint
  • Wire
  • Wide
  • Bor
  • Meter
  • Hammer
  • and Other
2. Cut Wood Shaped Boxes - Boxes
If you have sharpening design skills you can also use to add to the uniqueness of the wood, as it is made pointy - sharp on the front and so on. Do not forget the wooden sandpaper that has been made to smooth

3. Nail on the side - side, to
Stick Once it is glued to the side of the side, the cage is ready for use, oh yes for the length and width of the size you can very - own, depending on the needs, for example, can be used for 2 pigeons or a pigeon.

Because the nature of the pigeon is a liveable animal and can go home on its own, the cage can be made open without brackets like a pigeon post. But before being allowed to be trained first or caged a few weeks, so that the bird knows his home.

4. Session Staining And Drawing
Coloring sessions need not be explained because everyone can do it. Color as unique as possible to be interesting and not bored

5. Drying session
How to load the pigeon cage has not arrived here, drying session takes half a day to paint shiny and not fade.

6. Session Designing Image For Pigeon Cage Pulling
If you do not have the skill of drawing on wood, Quiet, drawing cage tips can also be done on a laptop or computer at home. How to?

  • Use image tools such as Photoshop, Corel draws and so on.
  • Draw and design there
  • Save your image results
  • Go to the nearest laptop skins printing shop or commonly called garskin

Garskin is a very strong and scratch-resistant transparent sticker typically used to protect the laptop from scratches. An example sees the picture below.

Garskin Laptop - How to Make a Beautiful Pigeon Cage

So Garskin Results Can Be Sticked on the cage.

Beautiful Pigeon Cage

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