How to Make an Aquarium

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How to Make an Aquarium - How to create a simple aquarium? For ornamental fish lovers certainly, need aquarium as a place of life for the fish that are maintained. Only the price of an aquarium in the market quite expensive. And if you want to make your own, the difference in the cost of making an aquarium with the purchase price of a new aquarium large enough.
In principle, making aquarium is not too difficult. We just need to paste the sheets of glass into blocks using silicone glue. But this process requires a high degree of accuracy. Particularly to ensure that each of the glass joints has been coated glue firmly and flat.

How to Make an Aquarium

Are you curious to create your own aquarium? Follow the full instructions for us below!

Materials needed :
  • Glass with a thickness of at least 5 mm; it is recommended to wear 8 mm thick glass
  • Glass glue is generally made of silicone material

Tools used:
  • Glass cutter
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Non-engine grinding wheels
  • A brown lantern
  • Clean water

Steps in how to create:
  1. Draw patterns on the glass surface using markers and rulers. Remember that each aquarium requires 5 pieces of glass consisting of 1 side of the base and 4 sides.
  2. Cut glass using a glass cutter in accordance with the pattern lines that have been formed. It is recommended to do work on a flat floor.
  3. Puree the edges of the pieces of glass using a grinding stone that has been removed from the engine. This is meant that the glass surface is not too sharp so it does not injure the palm of your hand.
  4. In order for the glass splinters produced from the grinding process are not dispersed anywhere and pose a health hazard, you should often immerse the grinding wheel into the water during the process of refining the edges of the glass.
  5. Mix pieces of glass in accordance with the pattern so as to form a whole aquarium. You can wear a brown duct tape from the outside to hold on to these pieces of glass for a while.
  6. Apply glue glass from the inner side of the aquarium. Keep the glue layer attached to the insect and as neat as possible so as not to leave a gap between the glass pieces earlier. A slight gap can lead to leaks that will widen over time.
  7. After all the pieces of glass are properly connected using glue, you need to keep it quiet for the whole day to keep the glue completely dry.
  8. The next day you can check the quality of the aquarium for your work. Enter the water little by a little while checking whether there is one connection point that leak. If there is, you can dry it first then patch the leak using glue glass applied from the inner side of the tank.
  9. Do the checking process until the results obtained that the aquarium has been feasible to use. If necessary, you can fill the aquarium with water and leave it for a week. The aquarium is ready to be used to keep fish when the volume of water in it remains intact.

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