How to Care for Your Cactus Plant

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How to Care for Your Cactus Plant - How to take care of a Cactus Plant - Cactus including  Ornamental Plants that are easy to grow and easy also to be treated. This plant is also known as a desert plant, so it is natural that the cactus has tremendous resistance to the extreme environment.
Cactus originally developed in the desert area, but eventually spread to various parts of the world. Cactus there are various types, ranging from high-sized cactus to a very small cactus. There is also a kind of spiny cactus without flowers, but there is also a cactus that grows without thorns and flowering is very beautiful. Because of the uniqueness of this, at this time many cacti ogled as an ornamental plant. If you are interested in growing this plant, here are some steps you can take to plant it.

1. Seedling

Breeding is a very important stage, therefore you need to be careful in doing this process. Cactus seeds can be purchased easily in the nursery, or you can do it yourself by choosing seeds from the parent stem. Be sure to choose seeds that are superior, there is no physical defect in the seeds. You can choose the cactus seeds whose thorns are still perfect, the stems do not have bruises, and also the direction of growth perpendicular. Choose seeds that are older than three months. If you take from the stem, make sure the seed stalk is also sufficient age.  How to plant cactus by using the stem from the parent is also the same as the process of planting using the seeds of the nursery.

2. Making Media Planting

Ornamental cactus requires a dry medium and does not hold water, so the roots of cactus not too long in binding water. Therefore, you can not use red soil and clay as planting medium, because the two types of soil have the high water-holding capacity. If the amount of water in the planting medium is too much, it can cause the stem to rot.

How to Plant Cactus

You can make a planting medium that uses materials such as sand, husk, and compost with a composition of 1: 1: 1. How to grow cactus by using compost or organic fertilizer is believed to be more successful than using chemical fertilizers. Then prepare the appropriate pot. If the cactus is rounded in shape, then you can use a pot with a size of 5 to 10 cm. If the cactus is high, you can use a pot that is half the height of the cactus height. Make sure first that the pot has a drainage system is good enough so that your cactus does not rot.

3. Treatment

Differences between  Orchids and  Flowers Cambodia, Cactus including plants that are not so fond of water, but the cactus still needs watering. Flush your cactus once a week. You also need to do pot replacement and also planting media at least once every year. To remember, there are types of cactus who like the sun, but there are also like a dark place. Customize the location of your cactus by type, do not upside down. But do not immediately put the cactus in a place directly exposed to the sun. After the third week of the planting season, you can just move it to a place with lots of sunlight. If your cactus is a type of cactus that likes a place that does not have too much sun, occasionally you also need to move it to a bright place.

In addition, you also need to trim this plant if the growth process is too long. To protect this plant from attacking pests, like fungal pests, earth snails, and mites, you can spray pesticides on your cactus. You also need to provide bactericide on a regular basis. If you are observant in care, your cactus will flourish as per your expectations.

If you are hesitant to try planting from seeds, you can buy ready-made cactus from various sellers of ornamental plants that you can easily find around your neighborhood. Although including the type of plant that is easy to adapt to the environment, cactus should be you just purchased not directly placed in the room. Preferably the new plant is conditioned in advance where the intensity of light of the sun is, the air circulation smoothly, and not often exposed to rainwater.

Perform watering once a week, or can be adjusted to the level of dryness of the planting medium. After two weeks, you can move the cactus to the desired place, such as on the living room table, in the workroom, or in your other favorite places. Thus the description of How to Cactus Cultivation easily. Maybe useful.

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