Disease in Goldfish and how to treat it

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Disease in Goldfish and how to treat it
Freeliveyoung.com - What are some of the diseases that normally affect the goldfish? As a living creature, in fact, the goldfish that you maintain the chef can be affected by the disease. The potential for the outbreak of this disease will be even greater when you make a mistake while caring for him. Please note, most of the seeds of the disease spread through the media water polluted ammonia or lack of oxygen element due to too long not replaced.
Therefore, the aquarium that serves as a place to keep the fish chef must be equipped with aerator tools and filtration system to create a clean and comfortable atmosphere for the fish that live in it. You can observe the symptoms of the disease through changes in the behavior of the fish of the chef. Parasites as a source of disease sometimes can also be seen directly with the appearance of mucus, the scales become rough, or the color changes in the body of the goldfish. If you have this, certainly the most appropriate treatment will save your favorite fish.

Because there are enough diseases that can affect the goldfish and the symptoms are also different, then you should know the characteristics of the disease-digestion.

Disease I: White Spot

White spot disease caused by the activity of protozoa called Ichthyophthirius multifiliis which is quite malignant. This protozoan attack is characterized by the appearance of small white spots all over the body of the fish. Continuous attacks lead to the incidence of white membranes, so the itchy fish will rub their body to any surface and swim slowly.

To treat it, you can rely on a 1% Methylene Blue solution with a ratio of 1 gram in 100 CC of water. Then take 2-4 cc of the mixture and put in 4 liters of water. Soak the diseased fish in this mixture for 24 hours repeatedly until the fish heals.

Disease II: Lernaea (Worm Anchors)

The main cause of Lernaea disease is a parasite attached to the body of a goldfish and piercing it like a needle. This parasite will gradually penetrate the lid of gills, body, fins, to the eye. The symptoms that arise appear from the wounds contained in the parts of the body is attacked.

Treatment of lernaea disease can be done using Summation 50EC or Dipterex with a dose of 1 cc / m3 water. Can also soak the fish chef for three consecutive days in a solution of formalin with a dose of 250 mg / 100 liters of water. In order to eradicate the seeds of the disease, do not forget to also soak the aquarium in the Tetracyclin solution with a dose of 250 mg / 250 liters of water within five hours for three days continuously.

Illness III: Punctata (Aeromonas Bacteria)

Symptoms of disease caused by Aeromonas bacteria that is the color of the fish body become gloomy and not bright and the skin looks gilded. Style swim too seems very weak like the middle of lack of oxygen.

Penanggulannya can be done by providing the feed that has been mixed Terramycin as much as 50 grams/kg of fish feed. Give this feed consecutively within seven days. If the disease infection looks increasing weight, the fish should be destroyed just so as not to spread to other fish.

Disease IV: Pseudomonas Bacteria

Pseudomonas bacteria can also cause a fatal disease in the goldfish. Characteristics of fish affected by this disease include the appearance of injuries to some parts of the body of fish and gnawing the part little by little until it runs out. Fish infected with this disease should be fed Oxytetracyclin-fed feed at 25 mg/kg of feed for seven days.

Disease V: Fungus (Saprolegniasis)

The Saprolegniasis fungus generally grows when the water temperature in the aquarium is cold. Symptoms are ahead, gill cover, and chef's fin fins look like cotton-covered. Fish affected by this disease can be immersed in a solution of Malachite Green with a dose of 3 gr / m3 of water for 15-20 minutes.

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