How to Choosing the type of pet and its needs that suits you

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Choosing the type of pet and its needs - How to Choosing the type of pet and its needs that suits you - Having a pet is a fun thing. We can invite them to play, joke, and even have their own happiness as our pet grows and grows. An example is my mother who originally had 3 cats, and is now big and breeding to 12 cats. Although he never said, but very visible if he is proud of the cat - the cat is.

But if you want to buy and have a pet, it's good to consider the type of pet that will be owned. Choosing animals or pets is not something that can be done at random. There are many considerations to consider, so as not to harm you, or to your pet someday. Here are some types of pets that you can have, along with their respective considerations.

Choosing the type of pet and its needs

If you are the type of person who has a lot of free time to play with pets, then the dog is a great choice. Animals that are identical to human companions need high affection, plenty of time with their masters to play or work out around the complex. Do not forget also the need to go to the veterinarian at least 1x a month, and occasionally to the animal salon to care for the skin and fur. Never think about adopting a dog if you just want to hang out in front of the house without taking him to play.

A little extra if you want to make a dog as your friend, then choose the type of dog according to your ability. Some dog species require special treatment in their care. For example, my cousin who once kept Siberian Husky. He admitted enough inconvenience until finally handed over to his friend, and adopted a dog whose maintenance is quite light. Read more: How to Care for a Poodle.

Suitable for those of you who want to keep animals but only in the house that the playing area is not too broad. But make sure you have to diligently clean the bed and dirt of this cat later. Like dogs, cats should also have a schedule to go to the vet. Animal Salon is a must, especially if you keep a long-haired cat. The wrong treatment will make cat fur easily fall out and less healthy for yourself. Read more: How to Take Care of a Cat.

It is suitable for those of you who have a pretty wide garden, and not too open. The reason is for your rabbit not to be coveted by wild cats or dogs. Keeping the rabbits fairly easy, make sure you always provide fresh vegetables for their food, as well as straw as bedding. Read more: How to care for a Rabbit.

Although it looks easy, fish in the aquarium fish apparently requires patience owner. When feeding, make sure not too much. The rest of the food will make the water dirty and become poison for the fish itself. But if too little, the fish will be difficult to develop. Do not forget also you must have a schedule to replace the water aquarium, and drip vitamins every some time. Read more: How to take care of a fish Koki Goldfish.

Sea Octopus
If you like the aquatic animals, but already tired of the fish. Then you can try to maintain Sea Octopus. Because Sea Octopus can be maintained in an artificial Aquarium, for maintenance you can read this article: How to Take Care of a Sea Octopus at Aquarium.

If you want to keep birds, then make sure you have time to clean the birdcage. Some friends who keep the birds I see often move their bird cage out and into the house. Make sure also that the cage you give is large enough for the bird to move and stretch the wings. Read more: How to Care for a Bird.

That's some kind of pet that you can choose along with some 'hassles'. Do not just want to have a pet but do not want to take care of it. Hope you can choose the right pet!. Thanks for reading: Choosing the type of pet and its needs article.


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