Best car gadgets

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Best car gadgets - Are you really a car lover or want to make your car different from other shapes? So, here I compiled the 5 most useful and interesting gadgets for your car. In my opinion, these gadgets should all have in every car because this is not only exciting but it will also keep you safe while driving or car parking.
These gadgets are all really very interesting and important for your car. Many of these listed gadgets may already be in your car. If they do not, car owners can use this gadget from the car provider when buying a car. You can also install this gadget in your car at any time (after the car is purchased) at your nearest car accessories provider.
Best car gadgets

So, now take a look at these top 5 most useful, important and interesting gadgets for your car:

1. Rear View Camera
Rear view camera cars help the driver to park the car back without having a side mirror. The driver of the car can look back without any problems. In front of the driver, the camera screen is attached and connected via the rear camera. This will show you all that happens on the back side of the car without moving backward.

So, it has proven to be a very important and exciting gadget for car riders and driving lovers. You will get the experience of driving a new car with this rearview camera.

2. Self Parking System
The self-parking system is an autopilot technology for vehicles. This standalone parking system is made with several components such as rear-mount camera, servo motor, micro-computer etc. These all components make the car self-contained parking. This technology is generally available in Toyota, Lexus, Volvo, Ford etc.

Unfortunately, this technology does not guarantee in many countries. So, be patient and make sure that it is available in your area or not.

3. Bluetooth
Such a gadget is very common for cars and it's widely used and proven to be the most important car gadget. There are various uses of this gadget in the car as the driver can attend a phone call without lifting the phone. Bluetooth can provide you hands-free services while you are in the car. This reduces the risk of accident due to phone calls.

4. SUPERTOOTH HD Speakerphone
This is another major gadget for your car. It's called SUPERTOOTH because it does a really super job of connecting with Bluetooth. Yes, guys, you can connect via Bluetooth and can use your smartphone's hands-free with high speaker volume.

Various Hi-tech cars use this technology for the convenience of the driver. You can buy online or from your nearest store.

5. Car Video Recorder
Car video recorder is another important gadget for your car. It catches the movement of your car. It is used to record video from any car away. This may be useful in many cases such as police for accident investigation going on in front of your car.

It also has great features and most importantly you can connect your car to another screen in your home or office etc. That is why if your car steals, you can track your car's movement.

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