Advanced Technology In his day

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Advanced Technology In his day - When the era is super modern as it is today, it seems we are getting carried away the rapid flow of technological progress that every day always popping one and the other.
Technology will change every year and make us as users skip it quickly to move on to the next item that is said better.

But is it true that every old technology is no better than its successor? Apparently not too. Here we will see 10 great technological things of his day. Let's find out what those things are!

Advanced Technology In his day

Floppy disk
Technology Floppy disk
A data storage which is also called the diskette is thin and square. Usually, a floppy is widely used just to save the writing file from the picture. Given the small memory size, only about 1.4 MB.

Storage devices that are widely used around the 1990s are so great in its time because it can store the data file writing quite a lot and with a compact form that can be taken anywhere.

It works the same as USB, but the difference is the size of memory (of course) and in general, we will need a lot of disks to store large and large data.

Technology Typewriter
Before the existence of advanced computer technology, the previous writers can only use typewriters or commonly called the typewriter. This old technology is great in his time because it is enough to help journalists and writers work more easily than before.

This machine has been used since the 1700s and began to develop from it so that it becomes more advanced as the last machine that we know the shape now. The letters that are recorded have formed a 'QWERTY' on 19th-century typewriter making it easier to use.

In the 19th century, many typewriters marketed at a fairly expensive price of $ 100. In addition to paper and ink, you need the patience to type in a typewriter. Just imagine if until now we have to use the tool.

Technology Walkman
For you who do not know the walkman is actually a trademark name from Sony that issued a portable cassette player. So the Walkman name was taken as the tool was used, that is listening to music while walking.

The first prototype was made in 1978 by an audio engineer from Japan, Nobutoshi Kihara for a Sony owner. Initially, the owner often travels and want to listen to music while walking, then came the idea of a portable stereo from it.

After walkman, not long in 2000 an early emergent successor when a CD player is present, namely Discman. The use of both is enough to play an important role for young children in his time.

Technology LaserDisc
Laserdisc or the Indonesian language is known as the laserdisc is large enough that it requires a rotary tool that is also large and quite expensive. Laserdisc is capable of storing good video quality with clear sound.

In Indonesia, itself laserdisc became famous with the incentive in the early 90s. Usually the contents of laserdisc a lot of the market is to contain songs with existing video songs such as video clips on the present day. In Asian countries, this thing is much more famous than in the United States or the west.

Laserdisc itself can be seen will continue to change and inspire the presence of CD, VCD, DVD, and Blue-ray.

Technology VCR
VCR or Video Cassette Recording was introduced in the early 1970s and began to tune into a video storage with good quality. Usually, VCRs are widely used to store home videos and record TV shows.

This object can only be used with a playback device called a VCR player connected to the television. The two types of VCRs used are VHS and Betamax. This technology began to be used slightly before the middle 90s and was replaced by VCD.

Nokia Cityman
Technology Nokia Cityman
This Nokia mobile phone, present in the late 80s with two different types Yaotu edition '450' and '900'. This figure is taken from the MHz frequency used by the old phone in the initial system of the mobile phone is running.

Nokia Cityman this became the first phone that can be said to come with a pretty good look, high-end and sought the hp user In his day.

This type of mobile phone is very powerful in its time because it makes the company Nokia became the number one mobile phone manufacturer in 1988 by getting the highest 15 percent as the position of the mobile phone maker in the world.

Technology Cassette
The tapes that are known in Indonesia are rectangular and can store many songs in a spinning coffee rope inside. Cassettes are actually compact as they are today since the 1960s but only started many days since of the 190s.

With its small form, the tape has become part of the music enthusiasts of his time. Even in the 90s, cassettes were also used to record sound or print songs the way you want. Many empty tapes are sold in the market for this purpose.

Cassettes can also be played and recorded two sides namely the so-called Side A and Side B. For that in his time, the tape is very important and a favorite to be played on the car or on the walkman, a tool we discussed earlier.

Technology MS-DOS
MS-DOS itself is an operating system in a Microsoft-based computer. This operating system was used around 1980 and 90's. Microsoft created this operating system to help IBM computers run in the 1980s.

The greatness of MS-DOS in its era is when this operating system helps many computer users to perform their duties well and smoothly.

Photographic Film
Technology Photographic Film
A photo will be generated through the film by catapulting the analog camera and has been in use since the late 1800s.

The film comes from a light-sensitive plastic when exposed to light, analog images will create a scene produced by the chemicals present in the film itself.

Movies are usually used for analog cameras are usually 35mm, 120, 220 and 4x5 and 8x10 the largest. And from that analog cameras only take pictures with these sizes.

Analog Camera
Technology Analog Camera
After we discuss the film from analog cameras, this analog camera is a favorite of its time. With its fairly compact presence and helping to capture moments well and quickly, analog cameras have limitations such as not being able to repeat the captured images as they are today.

The technology of the above lights has certainly changed much more sophisticated today, but the old version of these tools is enough to remind us of a child or young is not fun?

Thanks for reading: Advanced Technology in his Day article.


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