8 Benefits of Tin Fruits, Fresh Sweet Flavors that Make Healthy

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8 Benefits of Tin Fruits, Fresh Sweet Flavors that Make Healthy
Freeliveyoung.com -8 Benefits of Tin Fruits, Fresh Sweet Flavors that Make Healthy- Tin fruit is one of the fruits that has many benefits. With dark purple skin, red meat, and has a grainy texture like the contents of citrus fruits, the tin taste very sweet and fresh. Probably not many people know this fruit, but the benefits are unquestionable. What are the benefits of tin fruit?

1.Lowering Blood Pressure Levels
Fruit tin is a good source of potassium and potassium is a mineral that is used for controlling blood pressure. Often people are lazy to consume vegetables and fruits, and instead, eat more foods containing sodium (salt). When the body gets too much sodium and lack of potassium, blood pressure will rise (hypertension). Try eating tin to keep the blood pressure level stable.

2.Suitable for Lose Weight
For people who are dieting, one of the most difficult things is to avoid sweet foods. Now you can replace it with tin. The tin fruit has a natural sweetness and is often used as a sweetener before there is sugar. Fruit tin is also a good source of fiber. If the body gets enough fiber, hunger will be reduced and will greatly help in losing weight.

3.Protect from Breast Cancer Dangers
A study proves that there is a 34% decrease in breast cancer risk in women who eat foods high in fiber, especially fruits. And the fruits that are included are very rich in fiber are apples, dates, pears, plums, and fruits.

4.Lowering Insulin Levels in Diabetes Patients
In some countries, fruits are not only consumed by the fruit alone, but the leaves are also consumed. Tin leaf is believed to be a natural remedy for diabetics and can lower insulin levels in diabetics who need insulin injections. In fact, in a study, created a liquid extract of fruits mixed in the breakfast of diabetics to lower their insulin levels.

5.Healthful Heart
One other benefit of the tin leaf is to lower triglyceride levels and inhibit the formation of some types of cancer cells. However, researchers have not found clearly what substance is in the fruits that produce such a healing effect.

6.Protects against the Risks of Macular Degeneration
Carrots are not the only food that is good for eye health. The results proved that fruits are more effective in protecting the eyes from various eye diseases, one of which is macular degeneration.

Eat fruits three times a day. Although it sounds a lot, you just need to slip one type of fruit at every meal time. Fruit tin is a key option that you can enter into your daily diet.

7.Treat Bronchitis and Stomach Pain
Tin leaves are often used as home remedies to treat bronchitis, asthma, and other lung diseases. In addition, to treat stomach pain, tin leaves can be chewed and swallowed.

8.Source of Calcium and Fiber
As mentioned before, the tin is rich in fiber so good for digestion. In addition, the fruits also contain calcium which is good for healthy bones and teeth.

INFO: How to Select and Store Fruit Tin
Because the fruits are very fragile and easily crumble, the best time to consume them is immediately after purchase and at most 2 days after purchase. Choose a tin that is solid and soft, has a dark purple color, and no bruises. Perfectly ripe tin has a sweet smell. Remember, do not wash the fruit unless you want to eat. Storage in the refrigerator for 2 days at the most and if you buy an unripe fruit, you can store it at room temperature to mature it. Fruit can be consumed with or without skin.

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