8 Benefits of Pear For Health

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8 Benefits of Pear For Health
Freeliveyoung.com -8 Benefits of Pear For Health - Sweet, fresh, and naturally have a cool temperature, the pears are perfect for a hot and sunny day, and on a cold, rainy day. With a variety of benefits that are good for the body, pear must be on your daily healthy diet menu. What are the benefits?

1.Increase Body Resistance
Pears have a high vitamin C and K content. Both of these vitamins help improve the body's immune system is very useful in fighting disease. In addition, the pear also contains excellent copper in the fight against free radicals.

2.As an Additional Energy
Feel limp and limp in the afternoon? Try eating pears. The glucose content in the pears can instantly restore your lost energy.

3.Protecting the Heart
Because the pear is rich in fiber, the pears are very good for maintaining heart health. A study proves that fiber can help lower bad fats and reduce the risk of stroke.

4.Fruit Prevent Cancer
Fiber and phytonutrients in pear can help prevent colon cancer. In fact, in women who have experienced menopause and diligently eating fiber-rich fruit such as pears, the risk of breast cancer can be reduced by 34%. Fiber also helps maintain digestive health and prevent constipation.

5.The Hypoallergenic Fruit
That is, pear is safe for anyone to eat because it does not cause allergies. So, pear is highly recommended for people who have allergies and babies who are learning to eat.

Many doctors recommend pear feeding to infants who are learning to eat because the pear has a low acid content and will not cause problems in the digestion of the baby. Peel the peel and heat it before making it into a soft puree or porridge. However, be careful, do not give pear to babies who are experiencing diarrhea because of its high fiber content will actually make the baby's diarrhea getting worse. Make sure the porridge is in a very soft condition if you do not want to peel the peel when making puree because it is feared can make babies choke.

6.Suitable for Diabetes Patients
Difficulty determining which fruit is suitable for families who have diabetes? Just give me a pear. With high fiber content and low glycemic load, carbohydrates in pear are absorbed slowly and can prevent the rise of sugar in the blood and control blood sugar levels. For lovers of sweet foods, pear can be a healthy snack choice.

7.Good for Pregnant Mom
Pear also contains folic acid is high enough so it fits into a healthy food for pregnant women. In addition, the pear also contains vitamin B2, B3, B6, calcium, potassium, manganese, and magnesium.

8.Preventing Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is now a scourge for various circles, especially for those aged over 30 years. To maintain bone health, many doctors recommend keeping pH balance and eating foods high in calcium. Pears are a good source for Boron, a substance that helps the body store calcium.

INFO: The Right Time to Eat Pears
Pear season usually begins in August to October. Pears have many varieties and they are good for health. The sign that the pear is cooked and ready for consumption is by pressing the neck of the pear (the smallest part of the fruit). And just like apples, the benefits of pears will be maximally obtained if eaten with the skin.

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