5 Ways To Face Your Selfish Boyfriend

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5 Ways To Face Your Selfish Boyfriend
Freeliveyoung.com -5 Ways To Face Your Selfish Boyfriend- A healthy relationship is a relationship that divides the role in it with balance-focus on "us, " not "I". But unfortunately, life is not that ideal.
We sometimes fall in love with someone who understands "I" rather than "us". She feels the world revolves around her, and the focus of the story is herself. How to deal with such selfish girlfriend? The following reviews may open your mind.

Recognize the cause of his selfishness
Selfish is human nature. Every human being is born with an ego on a certain level. The problem is when the egoism develops brutally and forms a self-centered person without empathy. A selfish person can develop into a worse person, a narcissist. A narcissist has no sympathy and only cares how to use the people around him for personal gain.

A selfish person can be born from an over-indulgent family. Accustomed to always getting what you want will make a person selfish. Selfishness can also be born from feelings of anxiety and loneliness-which may make your girlfriend keep demanding your presence by her side. Know what motivates her selfishness, so you'll know the best way to deal with it.

Do not put it in your heart and remain so yourself
When confronted with selfish people, we sometimes lose self-control and try to give them 'lessons' by doing the same to them. Things like this will not solve the problem, and will only make your relationship with the boyfriend becomes tenser.

Do not put too much into the hearts of the actions and selfish demands of your girlfriend, and keep yourself - do not fall to the same level. That way, you also teach him, what kind of action he should take.

Remind him that he is not the center of the world
A selfish boyfriend usually demands a lot of attention from you. They feel they must be the only characters in your life. Remind him well, that there are many other things and figures in your world, and every character has his story and portions. Do not give up quickly and give him what he wants every time he manipulatively forces you to obey his will. He must learn, that even in the name of love, it does not mean we have to give him everything he wants.

Take control
A selfish person wants to always be a control holder, even in a light chat about today's weather. Controlling the conversation as he wants it and not showing interest when others want to discuss other topics, is what they always do. How to deal with this selfish girlfriend, can change the subject with things that interest you. Take control and steered the conversation to the topic you wish-even ga disconnected, the better. It may be difficult at the start of her, but persistence is the key.

Time to move the boat
If you've tried to remind and give him the understanding, but he does not seem to want to change, maybe it's time you changed the boat. Do not waste your time with people who do not even care about your feelings. You are worth more than that! Life is too short to spend with a girlfriend who spends on your energy and happiness. Read also: A person's sign is not your soulmate.

How to deal with this last selfish boyfriend is the choice you have to take when there is no longer hope he will change. Good luck!
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