5 Benefits of Rambutan Fruit For Health

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5 Benefits of Rambutan Fruit For Health
Freeliveyoung.com - 5 Benefits of Rambutan Fruit For Health - The fruit of this one is unique and easy to recognize. The outer skin is thick like hair, so this fruit is named rambutan. This seasonal fruit consists of various types. The famous such as rambutan rapiah, with the characteristics of bare-haired skin and flesh easily loose from the seeds. The price is also relatively more expensive than another rambutan.

Rambutan fruit with scientific name Nephelium lappaceum is derived from the islands in Southeast Asia. Glad to grow in the tropics such as Africa, India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Caribbean Islands to Central America. So what are the benefits of rambutan fruit? Let us refer to the following reviews.

1.Benefits of rambutan flowers

Towards the fruiting season, rambutan trees are filled with flowers that will then undergo fertilization with the help of bees. The bees that sought nectar among the flowers became the middleman of a gathering of male flowers and female flowers. Rambutan flowers are a major source of nectar for bees allowed to download g produce honey that can be taken to increase health.

2.Benefits of the fruit

Rambutan fruit contains beneficial nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, calcium, fiber, and vitamins, especially vitamin C. By consuming 3 pieces of rambutan has met 69 calories with 2 grams of fiber in it. For those who need a source of energy quickly or who are on a diet with fruits, this intake can be an alternative choice. Simply filling so it can withstand hunger for longer.

Other nutrients such as protein, serves to help the recovery of damaged body cells and the manufacture of new cells. Vitamin C and gallic acid are in charge of counteracting and reducing free radicals in the body. The iron essence prevents us from the symptoms of anemia. While the element of copper contributes to the role in the formation of white blood cells, cells that are useful in the body's immune system to expel various sources of disease. With the presence of phosphorus substances, waste in the kidneys will be thoroughly cleaned.

3.Benefits of rambutan seeds

We usually only eat rambutan fruit meat only. The hard seeds we collect are then thrown into the trash. Sometimes when thrown into a vacant lot behind the house, we do not realize it grows its buds and rises into a rambutan tree. In fact, from the seeds, there are considerable benefits. One of them can control blood sugar levels.

Rambutan seeds contain carbohydrates, proteins, and fats including polyphenolic fats. Compounds of these substances are efficacious as hypoglycemic whose function is to lower blood sugar levels. This alternative therapy processed the seeds by chopping, then roasted until the was charred, and pounded until smooth. This powder is brewed with hot water and then filtered from the dregs. After cold, this drink is taken before meals.

4.Benefits of the leaves

In addition to flesh and seeds, rambutan leaves can be utilized. Got a problem with gray hairs? Try to apply this recipe. Pound a few leaves of rambutan leaves and mix with water. Once smoothed, squeeze and strain with a cloth. Use this solution daily on the hair. Hair looks black without gray hair.

5.Leather and tree trunks

Another part of rambutan that is also useful is the fruit skin and bark of the tree. The skin of rambutan fruit contains tannins and saponins. Benefits include reducing fever and dysentery. While the bark is useful for treating canker sores.

So remember the benefits of this rambutan fruit while eating fruit. In addition to sweet gotten, other benefits can be obtained. Uban in hair? Remember rambutan.

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