12 Teen Fashion Trends 2017

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12 Teen Fashion Trends 2017
Freeliveyoung.com - Talking to the style and style of dress of a woman today is definitely not going to be separated with influence from outside and from within. Perhaps you have experienced or heard of k-pop fever which at that time there are so many women who love the culture of South Korea and try from the start of food, culture and also the model of clothes. In addition, sometimes in some areas in Indonesia as in the capital of Jakarta has a model or style that is hits and has not happened in the area again. Technology is also like for example the internet has an important role where the model and style of teen clothing styles in Indonesia, especially women quickly spread and also always updated every day.
If you are a teenager who is still in school or studying in college you may not be separated from the name of the style of dress, or that we often call the fashion. Adolescence is a time where they want to explore themselves for different purposes, fashion as a medium should be able to help teenagers to look fashionable and more beautiful and handsome. But sometimes people who do not really think about it, or also people who do not know the fashion can be put aside at the current times. In addition to the above factors, there are other factors that make teenagers cannot follow the fashion model now, the problem of budget or price of clothes.

12 teenage fashion tips 2017

1. Starting From Basics 
Starting From Basics
If your wardrobe is still not full alias has not much contents, maybe installing some clothes that are usually like jeans, shirts, shirts, or pants with a black cloth usually be a compliment and your first capital to make your own fashion, do not need expensive at the time of buying clothes, the most important can be comfortable in use, and also the materials used good and strong. For the shoe mostly teenagers, especially for male ladies who are in college are often used types of sneakers rather than the kind of shoes - rather luxurious and official shoes such as heels. For the color of the shoe was any good choose the color neutral as ash, black, or also white. The goal is to align with the clothes you will wear.

2. Add Accessories
Add Accessories
Sometimes Accessories in the fashion world we are required to be more creative to include some accessories on our clothes, but not all accessories you can matching an with clothes you wear, you must align in terms of color, size, and motif and shape. We can take the use of a scarf that is often in pairs with a blazer be it long or short. In addition to blazer use of small things like pins that are often attached to the hijab, can make you look more beautiful and confident, especially if the boss or pins that you wear to fit the Muslim headscarf or hijab, in addition to pin hijab can also be used on hats like a child - teenagers especially for boys.

3. Choice of Clothes
Choice of Clothes
After we've chosen the type of clothing that is suitable for young people, and also accessories support, now is the time you choose what type of clothing you will use to go to some places, such as to the college or also to a gathering place with your friends. For your own reference you can see from the internet or also teen magazines, do not necessarily have to be the same as the existing models on the internet or in magazines, most importantly you know that this color can be paired with this color. Or also this type of shirt model can be used together with subordinates this is for example. If you have found the right clothes and right, preferably an opinion from the closest people like to the mother how the opinion of the model of clothes you wear.

4. Old Clothing
Old Clothing
Sometimes to always buy new cloth in clothing stores make your pocket can be thinned, why do not you look for clothes - old clothes that have not been in use in your closet. Because sometimes the type of old clothes can still be used with a note your body shape still fit with the clothes. If the model or the color is dull and outdated, you can wash it, or it can be combined with the current model of clothing, especially for additional clothes such as blazers or sweaters.

5. Be Yourself 
Be Yourself
And for the last tips is to be yourself, basically to get a good result you must follow the fashion style of this world. But not forever the world of fashion or the latest fashion models to suit you, do not push when you are looking for the latest clothing reference on the internet or in magazines to use, if you do not like and do not fit then do not have to follow the tips. Be yourself on the clothes you are wearing, but at least there are some parts or parts of the latest fashion that you use to keep things out of date.

6. Following the Ages
Following the Ages
Lots of fashion models that exist in this world, every country also has a fashion - each of these things is affected by the culture of the local weather. As we know now in Indonesia alone the weather in some places has started cloudy and rainy. Therefore the model of rainy season clothes such as using a scarf or jacket and blazer is one of the fashion models that will rise in the current month and fore. Following the times in fashion is very important because you do not want to say outdated in your clothing model, but still despite following the times, do not be too addicted because not all the fashion can match your body.

7. Mix and Match 
Mix and Match
For those of you who love to follow the fashion world is certainly no stranger to the tips of this one is mix and match. Tips combine between the bottom and with the top or between accessories with the clothes you wear can make your fashion look more visible and also your appearance will be interesting, Mix and match itself takes creativity and of course the clothes you have was not just one or two but many, in order to do the mix and match runs perfectly. Mix and match the bottom and top or the shirt with the trousers is one simple tip to do this you can ask the opinion of others how the results of your mix and match with the look on your own fashion.

9. Select Appropriate Clothes Situation 
Select Appropriate Clothes Situation
For the next you can choose clothes that fit with everyday activities, sometimes for some teenagers who have busy schedules every day they often wear one style of clothing for all events on the day, although the event there is a formal or not formal, there is no problem which is great for that, but there are better you choose clothes that are suitable for the activities or events that will you go. Like for example when you are going to a good friend's party formal or nonformal dress model dress or a neat outfit is one type of clothing suitable for the occasion.

10. Watch Shoe Selection Notice the Shoe Selection
Watch Shoe Selection Notice the Shoe Selection
The choice of footwear or shoes is one of the most important things where you have to choose carefully and smart to match the clothes you will wear. In today's modern era, flip-flops may be considered rude or unsuitable for the hangout to some malls or food places. Shoes are one of the media that you can wear for formal events or nonformal. For women own tips on choosing shoes is very important, because not infrequently the clothes are good but because the selection of shoes that are wrong or not suitable to make the display worn clothing becomes less good and even can be said ugly.

11. Notice Mix and Match Color
Notice Mix and Match Color
Still around mix and match clothes but this time for color. At point 7 you already know enough how to combine the upper and lower garments well, but just knowing it is not enough, color is one of the elements that you should consider when choosing a clothing. Playing safely is like choosing a harmonious color is a pretty good choice but if you always use the color of that outfit - that alone may be your appearance every day will be monotonous. Dare to take a striking and attractive color is not a problem as long as it will combine it with another suitable color, but if you are afraid of even your appearance to be bad, neutral color is one of the colors that suit you.

12. Sexy and Strict Apparel Not Sure Men Love it
Sexy and Strict Apparel Not Sure Men Love it
If you still have the idea that clothes are sexy and tight can make a man fall in love with a woman, try to avoid these thoughts because his life is not all men like women who look sexy, even if love is not loving because of love but because of lust. Therefore it would not hurt if you wear a rather loose clothing but still note the size of your clothes do not be too loose clothes that you will wear. For the pants themselves in today's trending type of leather pants which where characteristic of this type of pants have a slightly wider size when compared to other types of pants.This last tips for top trends for teenagers from this article.

So here are some tips that you can use when you are tired of what you will use to go out of the house, especially for teenagers. This type of teen clothing is very much a model and also its type, from the usual to the accessories, so for those of you who will plan to buy new clothes be careful if later on clothes you buy you can not use again, or not long you use for not suitable for the kind of clothes you already have. Thank you for visiting this blog and reading: teenage fashion 2017 article.

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