10 Ways to Forget a Proven Boyfriend

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10 Ways to Forget a Proven Boyfriend
Freeliveyoung.com - 10 Ways to Forget a Proven Boyfriend - Forget the boyfriend is difficult, because before you have been used to him in various things.
You will feel slumped if you break up and you will get worse if you still love someone but the person no longer loves you. Moreover, if such person is the first love you. Well, here are 10 easy ways to forget the boyfriend who proved efficacious:

Here 10 Ways to Forget a Proven Boyfriend!

Do not contact
The first way you should do to forget the girlfriend is no longer contact him, either SMS, BBM, call or meet him. If he were to contact you first, do not you ever respond. This is hard to do, but you must do it to forget your girlfriend. If you keep in touch, even if it's just SMS, then you'll find it harder to forget it.

Keep the picture out of your sight
Not getting in touch and not answering her phone is not enough to get over it. You must delete the photo you use as HP wallpaper. You can also remove friendships from Facebook, as well as delete photos in your HP gallery.

No matter how badly you break up, go for a walk to a fun place with your friends. In this way, you will easily forget the girlfriend. You will get worse if you just stay home. But remember, do not go where the memories you shared a girlfriend because instead will remind you of her.

Conduct activity
The hobbies you used to rarely do when dating, like swimming, fitness, and jogging can do it again in order to distract you from it. The thing to remember do not you ever do negative things, such as drinking or smoking that would be the complicated mood.

Do not be alone
Alone will make you more tormented and remember memories with him constantly. Try hanging out with family, relatives, and friends to just talk. This will reduce your sadness and will make you forget your problem for a moment.

Remember that he is not the only man in the world
Breaking up is sick, but that does not mean you are not passionate about living. Remember that he is not the only one in the world. You can get a guy better than him. Out there, there are still plenty of guys waiting for you to be girlfriends.

Positive thinking
Missing one grow a thousand, maybe that's the words that suit you who break up. Remember that there are still many men who love you more than him. Do not be dissolved in grief so you can not see the people watching you.

Do not remember the kindness of a boyfriend
As long as you are dating, there is a lot of good that you get from your boyfriend. However, do not ever remember that when you want to forget it. You can remember what evil he did to you, so you do not regret losing him.

Do not hate him too much
Neutralize your mind and attempt was too indifferent to what is associated with it. If you still hate him, that means you still have a love for him.

Open your heart to others
Try to get to know as many friends as possible and give a chance to the man who wants to be close to you. Having a new lover will help you to forget the girlfriend.

That's 10 ways to forget the boyfriend who proved efficacious. Rest assured that you can be happier living life without him.

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